Five incredible features of DNA

DNA – one of the most complex in the universe as we know it. Thanks to the detective series, we know that DNA testing – the best way to find out who the killer is. But you will be surprised to learn that use ¬†acid in this way – is like driving nails microscope. Our science has gone much further than this, for example…

(a) DNA accelerated evolution

When you hear the word “cyborg”, or you remember Robocop, or you brought wrong. Most of the cyborgs of science fiction stories give cyber-bodies instead of their lost ones. Continue reading “Five incredible features of DNA”

Scientists have discovered a fireproof property of DNA

fireproof  DNAThe Polytechnic Institute of Turin recently tested in the laboratory of the natural properties of the macromolecule. A team of scientists dissolved the collected DNA in water, then cover this composition cotton cloth. Then they dry it and tried to set fire to the fabric.

A biological material worked exactly as ammonium phosphate – a connection that is often used as a fire-resistant coating. And they are usually protected from fire such polymeric materials, such as polyolefins, polystyrene, spandex, electrical insulation, and many others. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered a fireproof property of DNA”

Human Origins topic

Origins of lifeScientific discoveries of human origins topic is confusing and unclear. Continued imposition in the public mind an erroneous theory of Darwin, although there is evidence for a long time scientists about its insolvency.

My proposed article is not for everyone, but only for people looking to learn the basics of truth that goes beyond our public understanding of the origin of life for existing and for the people in the scientific environment dogma stereotypical thinking completely ignores the cosmic and earthly power – information processes, which are the basis of life. Continue reading “Human Origins topic”

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Pygmies

The University of Pennsylvania under the leadership of geneticist-anthropologist Sarah Tishkoff, revealed DNA regions associated with both the growth of pygmies, and the activity of their immune system.
Tishkov and colleagues scanned the complete genomes of 70 people from three groups of Pygmy hunters in Cameroon. The increase in male Pygmy does not exceed 1 m 52 cm For comparison, the scientists also analyzed the genomic sequences of 60 people from neighboring ethnic groups with the Bantu. Bantu – farmers, tall and slender, are entering into marriage with the pygmies. Continue reading “Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Pygmies”

Fake DNA works as a actual

Artificial, DNAThe led scientists to assess the possibility of another existence of extraterrestrial life.
Artificially produced a substance similar to DNA can store information in the same way as does the human DNA. For storage of all information in the cells of the human body responds DNA and RNA. Recently, an international group of scientists introduced synthetic molecule similar to DNA. The new molecule is called XNA.
The study, published in Science, scientists have demonstrated that the XNA can store and copy the information in the same way as does the DNA in the organism of living beings. XNA can additionally bind to DNA and RNA.
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Changing the DNA in connection with the transition

Changing, DNAHuman being genetic material DNA mutation under the influence of solar activity. Because so many are scared, trying to find doctors who can not recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment is not working, government medical supply does not work, it does not meet all the challenges, which offers a person the sun.
These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away. These are good signs the body is sending you news about what is freed from the old biology, and the old thinking. keep up with it.
Symptoms arising from mutations in DNA and changes in the body at the cellular level. Continue reading “Changing the DNA in connection with the transition”

Scientists have created artificial DNA

DNAGroup scientists geneticists have managed to create an artificial DNA molecule, in fact, they were able to teach an enzyme that copies the information recorded in this DNA.
At its core DNA – a molecule that store genetic information about a particular organism. With the help of special enzymes, all information is transmitted to offspring during the copying process.
Scientists have not once created artificial DNA and RNA, but so far have none of it was not possible to make the enzyme reads the information from these molecules.
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Scientists have discovered an alternative form of life

Geneticists have proven that before seemed like something out of unscientific fantasy. The artificial DNA was synthesized by scientists at Cambridge from entirely different compounds than natural DNA. The school biology course taught that only well-defined building blocks of the nitrogenous bases fit into the genetic chain, which stores and transmits vital information.
But scientists have created six different chains of other substances and found that it works, artificial DNA is only restrict the title ExsNK.
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