Mysterious kidney disease destroys men in Nicaragua

diseaseChronic kidney disease in Nicaragua has acquired epidemic proportions in some areas it affects one of the three man, often with fatal consequences. Doctors call different causes of the disease – from agricultural chemicals to global warming, but neither one of them is not yet possible to confirm.

During harvest time, when the exhausted workers conducted 7 days a week for the sugarcane harvest, signs the deadly disease was hard to notice at first. When the season ended, people began to notice that the players on the baseball field move, as in a dream, and in the evenings they have high fever. Continue reading “Mysterious kidney disease destroys men in Nicaragua”

Scientists have found a new disease – Syndrome phantom call

Australian scientists have finally been able to explain why people think that they have the phone rings (the last time this phenomenon happens more and more often). As it turns out, are becoming victims of their own suspiciousness people with nervous disorders or have experienced stress.

Their nervous system is becoming more touch sensitivity. It is activated when a person is waiting for an important, and often unpleasant conversation, and after its completion does not pass without a trace. Continue reading “Scientists have found a new disease – Syndrome phantom call”

Humanity faces an epidemic of the disease zombies

disease zombiesEmergence of epidemic diseases in the world that turns people into zombies, really. This was stated by passing in the English city Cheltnem influential science professor at Austin festival. It is part of a group to study the phenomenon zombizma Department of Genetics, University of Glasgow.

“The symptoms are comparable with the zombie disease caused by prions – does not contain nucleic acids of infectious agents, – the scientist.
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Vampire Syndrome-Incurable disease.

SyndromeThe town of Suffolk in the UK, lived two brothers, George and teenage Simon. Friends have long called the Cullen family of boys, paying tribute to the heroes of the famous book by Steffani Meyer. The fact that children suffer from a rare and incurable genetic disease, syndrome, which is called a vampire. Most people know about everything , but not the existence of this incurable disease.

With this disease in the world live about 7000 people. Children with a vampire syndrome differ deathly pale skin, lack of teeth (except long, sharp canine teeth), a rare hairy, dark circles under the eyes and impaired sweating.
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