Discovery sister Sun

New SunThe University of Texas found the star HD 162826. Cosmic body, located 110 light-years away, 15 times more than our Sun, and formed in the same star cluster, as our star.

This discovery promises to help scientists better understand how, where and when our solar system was formed, and, quite possibly, will guide us on the best candidates among extra solar planets where life could exist. Continue reading “Discovery sister Sun”

The unbelievable discovery near the Baikonur puzzled experts

discoveryThe unbelievable discovery near the Baikonur puzzled experts. Wreckage of an unidentified spaceship discovered in the south of Kazakhstan, near the Baikonur cosmodrome. Place falling and cordoned off by police. A functioning committee, which would look into the causes of the incident. Victims and pretentious by the fall of the device is not present. Source agency explained that most likely belong to the wreckage of the rocket Dnepr, which crashed July 26, 2006. Carrier rocket Dnepr was carrying 18 small satellites from different countries. The main one was the Belorussian satellite remote sensing of the earth squirrels. Continue reading “The unbelievable discovery near the Baikonur puzzled experts”

Discovery of genetic similarities between bats and dolphins

DolphinsThe evolution of similar traits in different species, a process known as convergent evolution, is widespread not only physically but also at the genetic level, according to a new study led by scientists at Queen Mary University of London, in the UK, and published in this week’s edition of the journal Nature. These experts have found genetic similarities between bats and dolphins.

Scientists investigated the genomic basis for echolocation or echolocation, one of the best known examples of convergent evolution to examine the frequency of the process to a genomic level. Echolocation is a complex physical trait that involves the production, processing, receiving and hearing ultrasonic pulses to detect unseen obstacles or tracking prey and evolved separately in different groups of bats and whales . Continue reading “Discovery of genetic similarities between bats and dolphins”

Sensational discovery in a crypt underSt. Petersburg

St. PetersburgAbout 250 years old declared wanted by Russian forensic scientists. The Lady X, as it is dubbed, wore during his lifetime … precious jaw, which is a brand Faberge! And while scientists are looking for at least some information about her, her neighbors in the tomb could be identified. The experts made a genetic examination of one of the darlings of Alexander II, Prince Peter Demidov, his wife – the former maid of honor of the Empress, and their children. What are the secrets uncovered remains found recently in one of the ruined temples nearSt. Petersburg- found out “MK”.

The history of this investigation began with archaeological excavations. At 30 km from St. Peters burg, in the village of Thai people is of great beauty ancient church, built in the name of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky. Continue reading “Sensational discovery in a crypt underSt. Petersburg”

The discovery of new Pompeii

PompeiiThe mysterious Lycian city of the World, which at one time been the Hellenization, and then became one of the centers of Eastern Christianity, in the XIII century. Was covered with a thick layer of sediment of the local river. Excavated Byzantine chapel was in excellent condition. Perhaps the rest of the city is preserved as well.

In the IV century Bishop Nicholas turned the city into the World on the Mediterranean coast to the capital of the Christian world. Later canonized figure, and it turned into our Saint Nicholas in their Santa Claus, but the World waited less fortune.
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Scientist says “Discovery trail of the creator”

Discovery trail A professor of evolutionary Antelope Valley College has disclosed the strong likelihood of intelligent design and the appearance of life. The announcement came after a 3-hour presentation at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center of Catholic scientists and believers reasons which have submitted scientific evidence on models based on the Bible.

Matthew Rainbow, a biology professor with a PhD in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry, told a crowd of several hundred people who had been persuaded to change his point of view of the origins of life about six months before After the reading of books by Hugh Ross and Fazale Rana.
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Japanese scientists pave the way to eternal life: Found secret of aging

eternal lifeJapan, which already leads the world in life expectancy, now has another tool to consolidate its leadership position. The country’s scientists say they have discovered a protein responsible for aging and have learned to control it. A group of scientists from Osaka University have discovered that a component of human complement system is directly responsible for aging, citing the Japanese media the Russian ITAR-TASS. C1q protein, researchers say, is to blame for human cells become old.The immune system, the complement system help or “complements” the body in cleansing germs. C1q protein was earlier thought to be merely an element in the system.
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Top-10 most significant scientific discoveries of the decade Discovery

Discovery Channel summarized the first decade of XXI century, presenting a list of the ten most significant discoveries during this time.
1. Speed of melting glaciers
Researchers at the Earth’s climate indicate that the giant ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than thought – contrary to what scientists have said before, based on the erroneous model calculation.
Famous snow of Kilimanjaro and other low-latitude mountains may disappear completely. Thick Arctic ice is rapidly decreasing, and this means that the Arctic Ocean, most likely in the future will be free of ice in the summer.
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