10 incredible primitive discoveries made in 2014 year

primitiveSometimes a few unusual finds could easily destroy the established scientific theories, leaving scientists in complete confusion.

In 2014, the year in the field of paleontology was made several surprising discoveries. Some of them have presented new evidence, useful in scientific debate, lasting for years. And some were even able to put the conventional theory on its head.

1. Ancestor of lions, tigers and bears

In January of 2014, a group of paleontologists announced the identification of remains Dormaalocyon latouri, a mammal that lived about 55 million years ago. Scientists have suggested that this may be a mammal ancestor of the current large carnivores, such as tigers, lions and bears. Continue reading “10 incredible primitive discoveries made in 2014 year”

TOP-10 amazing discoveries

amazing discoveries1. Wreck-era ghost “gold rush”
On the deck of the sunken ship, researchers have found forgotten shoes, and in the kitchen – cooking utensils scattered. This allowed to reconstruct the last seconds on board the era of “gold rush” under the name «AJ Goddard». The ship was discovered in November.

2. The largest Anglo-Saxon treasure
Amateur-treasure-hunter from England in July found the greatest Anglo-Saxon treasure in the history of research. The world saw the exquisite gold jewelry, precious stones and richly decorated weapons.
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