Mysterious moose shaped structure discovered

Mysterious mooseA huge  in the shape of a moose or deer discovered in Russia may predate the famous Nazca lines of Peru for thousands of years.

The stone structure in animal form, located near Naturalization the Ural Mountains, in northern Kazakhstan, has an elongated snout, four legs and two horns. A historical image from Google Earth satellite 2007 shows what can be a line, but this is less clear in the most recent images.

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31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy

Sacrificed the ancient Incas adolescents for a long time used the coca leaves and beer. This is the conclusion of a number of archaeologists who have studied in 1995 found the mummy of a teenage girl.

Previously, scientists believed that drugs were only given to the victims of death and during the ascent of the mountain peak, where performing the rites. Detail with reference to the article researchers Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences leads Nature News. 

Scientists have studied the mummified remains of a girl whose age at death was about 13 years old, and at this point the girl about 500 years old. Many of the circumstances of her death were previously well known, so archaeologists have conducted additional analyzes: in particular, have been studied hair Using mass spectrometry to determine the content managed in hair cocaine and one of the metabolites of cocaine. Continue reading “31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy”

Discovered a vampire burial in the south of Poland

Archaeologists have exposed in the south of the country an ancient tomb. According to them, found the skeleton belonged to a real vampire. Excavations were approved out in the city of Gliwice. The skeleton was beheaded and his skull was placed between the legs. According to ancient tradition, it is one of the most common methods of disposal of vampires. In ancient times believed that the way a vampire would not be able to find your head and come back to life.

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What’s left of the ancient city discovered in Libya

Old CityArchaeologists Sterri Martin and David Mattingly from the University of Leicester (UK) found in the ancient pre-Islamic Garamantida state that existed from the XI century BC. e. to VII century BC. e., the remains of settlements, competing in size to the ancient Roman cities of that era. Garamantida – very old state Garamantes people who inhabited the Libyan desert. The capital Garamantidy – Old Jermaine – was a walled city, covering an area of approximately 9.3 hectares. Continue reading “What’s left of the ancient city discovered in Libya”

How discovered the speed of light?

life of speed

The opening of the speed of light is rightfully Danish astronomer Ole Roemer. Since 1671, he and his colleagues observed an eclipse of one of Jupiter’s moons – Io. At that time it was already well established that Io makes its full revolution around the planet Jupiter for 42.5 hours. But observations showed inconsistency: depending on the time of year because of Jupiter’s Io appeared then later, then before.

The merit of an astronomer is that he realized that this phenomenon is not related to the rotation of Io around Jupiter, and is associated with the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and Jupiter. It was found that the closer the Earth was close to Io, the sooner she appeared, and, conversely, the greater the distance between them, the greater the Io “late” because of the s

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Discovered a mysterious new radiation belt

February 28, the U.S. space agency announced the scientist discovery of another Earth’s radiation belt, which caused confusion among astronomers and specialists NASA. Scientists call it puzzling and phenomenal. – ITAR-TASS.

Why we have not seen before this radiation belt – confessed to leading the Center for Goddard Space Flight Sri Kanekal. – We do not know whether it is about a rare phenomenon. Nature is still able to surprise us.”
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The ice of Antarctica discovered lives

discovered livesScientists think that they succeeded for the first time! – Obtain samples of living organisms of the sub glacial Lake in Antarctica. The findings probably will help justify the possibility of life on Jupiter and Saturn.

In late January, the American broke to Lake Alonso through the 800 m of ice. Researchers have had only two days filled with sunshine, to take samples of the water until the well will not be closed. Then another day was spent on the expansion of the hole, and then the scientists within two days took the samples. Continue reading “The ice of Antarctica discovered lives”

Massive Cave Discovered in Venezuela

Venezuela caveA grotto so bulky helicopters can fly into it has just been discovered down-reaching in the hills of a Meridional American brake the garden of eden. Actually, “Grotto of the Soul”—is so very extensive that two helicopters can comfortably fly into it and earth next to a elevated cataract.

It was found in the slopes of Aprada tepui in meridional Venezuela, one of the most not to be reached and unexplored regions of the universe. The circuit, known as the Venezuelan Guayana, is one of the most biologically opulent, geologically pristine and unspoiled faculties of the universe.
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The virus discovered that can destroy humanity

humanity virusGroup of scientists have exposed a previously unknown to science deadly virus, which, they claim, in the near future could destroy mankind.

One of the victims of the “virus of Armageddon,” as he called scientists, has already become a 38-year-old Briton, says RBC . The other day he died in a London hospital of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms of the disease – a headache, and joint pain, nausea and fever. As the disease on the patient appear extensive bruising, starting uncontrollable bleeding of internal organs.
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Scientists discovered a new magnetism

 General magnetism Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found in practice is a new type of magnetism that existed before only in theory. Generally magnetism known to all the people from childhood.

Ordinary magnet or compass – are manifestations of so-called ferromagnetism. Less well known form of magnetism, ant ferromagnetism is used in magnetic hard disk platters and heads due to this effect can read the information written on the plate. And in both cases, magnetism, materials acquire their magnetic properties when their temperature is below a certain critical value.
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