Astronomers have discovered a fast-moving star in our Galaxy

discovered GalaxyStar, guided in our galaxy at a speed of 1200 kilometers per second, watched international team of astronomers at the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Star, designated US 708, is considered the fastest celestial body, moving in the direction of the galactic center. As noted in this connection at the Institute of Hawaii Eugene magnesium, “at this rate the distance from the Earth to the Moon can be overcome in 5 minutes.”Another feature of the “fast” stars that previously it was part of a binary system consisting of a red giant – a star with high luminosity and a white dwarf – the compact star, comparable to the mass of the sun. Continue reading “Astronomers have discovered a fast-moving star in our Galaxy”

In Israel discovered 3300-year-old temple of Baal

BaalA group of archaeologists found at the excavation site in Israel space, which probably served as a place of worship of the pagan god of thunder Baalu about 3300 years ago.

This was announced at a conference of the European Association of Archaeologists in Istanbul.

The entire complex has a size of about 16×16 meters. On its territory, archaeologists found charms in the form of beetles (scarabs), fragments of masks, amphorae of different sizes, known as pithoi, and connected with each other cups, the purpose of which is unknown yet. Continue reading “In Israel discovered 3300-year-old temple of Baal”

In Taimyr discovered a mysterious hundred meter pit

Taimyr ClubTaimyr geologists, environmentalists, seismologists, historians argue about the origin of the giant – up to 100 meters in depth – funnel found in the tundra. The most surprising thing about her existence before nothing was known, although it is near the village of herders.

On the Taimyr Peninsula preparing to study the mysterious crater that accidentally discovered local herders – the inhabitants of the northern village of Sock. The funnel is a cone perfectly correct form. Its depth is estimated at 60-100 m in diameter than 4 meters. Versions of the origin of the funnel were several, but none has yet to find a final confirmation. Moreover, none of it before and did not know, although it is close to the village. Continue reading “In Taimyr discovered a mysterious hundred meter pit”

Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers

 tablet computersA group of Turkish archaeologists engaged in excavations near the Bosphorus Strait and found incomprehensible wooden object age about 1,200 years. After careful study it, scientists have concluded that this wooden box is the equivalent of modern tablet PCs.

Discovery portal published an article about the amazing discovery of Turkish archaeologists, as well as a snapshot of the detected devices. Byzantine gadget, as it is jokingly dubbed journalists is both a notebook and a useful tool. Continue reading “Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers”

Scientists have discovered a new property of milk

milk property Scientists have proved that this drink invigorates. Protein foods, in particular milk, is most effective to restore functionality. Weight gain and insomnia may be caused by insufficient production in the hypothalamus of the human brain special mediator – orexin.

This material was synthesized by special cells. Orexin stimulates wakefulness and energy balance of the body support.

The researchers have shown that the sugar blocks the production of this component, so after eating a person often appears sleepy. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered a new property of milk”

NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?

Discovered NibiruNASA researcher and the orbital telescope Spitzer discovered most of the known low-temperature brown dwarfs – dim star-like object, which surprisingly looks as frosty as the North Pole on Earth. By images from space telescopes can be quite accurately determine the distance from the Earth to the subject – 7.2 light years away, so he became the fourth nearest star system to our sun.

System is the nearest star, Alpha Centauri trio, to defend the Earth from about 4 light-years. Continue reading “NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?”

Discovered the mysterious trail of the ancient giant in Africa.

Mysterious giantAge found a trace – about 200 million years. In the kingdom of Swaziland in South Africa studying the mysterious trail of the size of 1.2 meters, found on one of the rocks. Reported that age found trace resembling the shape of a human foot – about 200 million years.

Journalists and some scientists immediately suggested that this imprint of the ancient giant who lived on our planet millions of years ago. Three-and five-meter giants mentioned in the epics of many nations. Continue reading “Discovered the mysterious trail of the ancient giant in Africa.”

Scientists have discovered a paradise the planet from climate resort

EarthInteresting Facts Scientists spoke about the planet, which can be considered as potentially suitable for living. Sister of the Earth is located in the constellation of Sails and is called HD 85512b. Its distance is 36 light years away, which means that the planet is more distant from its star that Venus from the Sun, but is closer to him than the Earth.

HD 85512b is moving in a circular orbit, which gives stability to the local climate. And contributes to the visitors of the – says lead researcher Lisa Goaltender of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered a paradise the planet from climate resort”

Archaeologists have discovered ancient glass buttons

glass buttonsThe cemetery Karashamb , located in the Kotayk region , continues to surprise archaeologists interesting findings . Here are carried out excavations of burials of the Middle Bronze Age , during which they , in particular, found a silver goblet depicting figures of people and animals. As told in an interview with ArmInfo director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences Pavel Avetisyan, in Karashamb managed to find unique items in large quantities Continue reading “Archaeologists have discovered ancient glass buttons”

Discovered the oldest person on the world

oldest personRecently, the sedimentary rocks of South Africa discovered fossils of a ferocious predator with huge long claws. According to scientists, this finding is the oldest ever found in all of the former super continent Gondvana. Okamenelye remains scorpion age of 360 million years old have been found on the farm Waterloo, not far from the South African town of Grahams town.  Continue reading “Discovered the oldest person on the world”