Scientists discover the pulse of the Virgin Mary on ancient canvas

 MaryCelebrated 85 years since, as the image of the Virgin, who is about 500 years in Mexico in the specially built for her basilica, revealed his main and still unsolved mystery.

Interest to the Virgin of Guadalupe – a kind of icon that appeared nearly 500 years ago on the canvas, woven of coarse fibers cactus recently stirred the internet. Spread information through the network, as if the icon investigated NASA specialists. And found that the temperature of it – human – 36.6 degrees. The most important: dark women depicted on the canvas with a pulse – 115 beats per minute. And her eyes react to light – narrow, if they shine a flashlight in the dark and expanded. Continue reading “Scientists discover the pulse of the Virgin Mary on ancient canvas”

Discover the largest brothel in Europe

brothelAustrian businessman Peter Laskaris (Peter Laskaris) has announced plans to invest nearly $ 20 million in construction and equipment of the largest brothel in Europe, writes The Daily Telegraph.

Institution under the working title Fun Motel will be able to take up to a thousand visitors a day. At guests’ disposal are 147 rooms and one hundred and fifty employees. Before the brothel will be open parking for 350 cars and a special place for buses. The whole complex is to enclose the three-meter opaque fence to preserve client confidentiality.
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Discover the Universal language before the Tower of Babel

Universal languageBased on the studies of Professor De Santillana, Giorgio Terzoli discovered an astronomical precessional code through which said it all ancient cultures.

To be really fair that discovery should be divided into two distinct part, the first code that we call De Santillana – Von Dechend (“The mill of Hamlet”), is understood by science in 1969 and the second set as Code Terzo is given by Giorgio Terzoli generated.
Code De Santillana – Von Dechend
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A family who went to the moon

In 1972 April Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke and John Young made ​​a third and final spacewalk for the study of Descartes Highlands with the lunar rover. During the exit, before installing a solar collector, Duke left a few family pictures, which he brought to the surface of the moon. In the picture one of these photos.

This photo shows Charlie and his wife Dorothy and two sons Charles and Thomas. The photo was taken on a bench in the summer.
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