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Mystery Disc Sabu

SabuThe mystical artifact – presumably part of an unknown mechanism – was discovered by Egyptologist Walter Bryan in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian official Saba (3100-3000 BC), which is located near the village of Saqqara.

Sabu was the son of Pharaoh Aneddzhiba (this is the fifth ruler of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt), he ruled the city or province that supposedly called “Star Family Choir.”

The burial chamber, which found a mysterious artifact that was filled with a variety of vessels, stone knives, arrows, and several brass instruments and fragments of bowls of schist.

Disc Diameter Sabu is about 61 cm in diameter, thickness – one cm in the center – 10.6 cm It is made of very fragile material, which requires a lot of skill, which even today is available only to a few. Read the rest of this entry »

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