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Prediction and anticipation of disasters

disastersThe strange incidents happen in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK 1 June 1974. Housewife watched telecast on Sunday. Suddenly, on the screen instead of the sports program there was something else, show up in the Flixborough disaster – an explosion at a chemical plant!

This city is just 20 miles from Grimsby, where the Dursleys Brennan, gazing TV, live. To it was soon visited by guests, the couple Eastham. Told about the morning program, those sad, the news free they have not seen. Discussed the trouble spared the victims of chemical plant workers. Evening came, and Leslie again turned on the TV.
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World disasters destroy life on globe

natural disastersGreater than 4.5 billion years of the world on its surface is constantly passed certain, fairly complex chemical and physical processes that formed the atmosphere, life originated organized plants and animals. All these processes took place slowly, stretching out for millions of years.

And now, apparently, we live – Earthlings – and nothing grieve. But no such luck.

Every year an increasing number of natural disasters. After the eighties of the twentieth century the number had risen three-fold.
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12 incredible events in 2012

Incredible,year,20122012 will be an incredible year, the financial world is facing an abyss, the wars in Iran and Syria, managed natural disasters, new epidemics, newly discovered vaccines, curtailed civil rights and censorship on the Internet. Apocalypse at the end of 2012 – that is what is most feared in 2012, numerous prophets.
12 different factors in the development of events in 2012.
1) End of the World 2012
Mayan calendar ends on 21/12/2012
Fearsome date that the majority of Mayan priests associated with disasters in a society that is coming new age of mankind, waking from a dream, an enlightened and tolerant, living in peace and harmony. Under the influence of increased solar activity, our DNA is significantly altered. Read the rest of this entry »

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2010-th will be a year of disasters

New data from the world’s leading climatologists, sorrowful. It seems that 2010 will be the hottest in the history of our planet. Apart from that, he will bring a lot of damage.

As just said scientists from the U.S. National Data Center for the Study of snow and ice, the level of Arctic sea ice dropped to a record low for this time of year. Every day, disappears about 40 thousand square kilometers of ice. The last time he was almost as intense melted in 2007.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Polar Research Center at the University of Washington say that the volume of sea ice in March 2010 was 38% lower than in 1979, when scientists began to record the data of melting glaciers.
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