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Disaster in the predictions of Jesus and Isaac Newton

Disaster in the predictions Isaac Newton was very interested in Bible prophecy. He tried to find their meaning and codes to decipher them. According to his calculations, the end of the world may come in 2060 JS Helios, author of The Final Countdown: What was unable to Isaac Newton, believes that this should happen in 2017, not in 2060

Helios outlined his views in May interview with the Brazilian magazine Jornal do Brasil: In one of his calculations he used during the 1290 years, which is mentioned in the 12th chapter of the Book of Daniel. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mysterious disaster in the history of aviation

  aviation disasterHow is it possible that a commercial plane simply disappears? That is what most people ask after Malasya Airlines flight 370 disappeared a few days ago. The families of the 239 people on board, who traveled from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Beijing, China, have been told to prepare for the worst.

There have been reports of leaks and oil stains on the waters of the South China Sea, but none match the missing plane.

It certainly is not the first time a plane faces a mysterious end. This is what happened to other aircraft that crashed or disappeared amid strange circumstances: Read the rest of this entry »

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Natural disasters in history-Great Chinese earthquake(1556)

 Natural disasterIn 1556 took place the most shocking earthquake in the history of mankind, called the Great Chinese earthquake. It happened January 23, 1556 in the province of Shaanxi. Historians believe that the disaster claimed the lives of about 830,000 people, more than any other event.

Some areas are totally depopulated Shaanxi, and the rest killed more than half of the people. Such a huge number of casualties due to the fact that most of the population lived in the loess caves that at first shocks right away collapsed or were later flooded by mudflows. Read the rest of this entry »

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Natural disasters in history-Flooding in the valley of the Yellow River

RiverOne of the worst floods in modern history of mankind, which, according to various sources, claimed from 1.5 to 7 million lives, happened in late spring 1887 in the northern provinces of China, in the valley of the Yellow River.

Heavy rains in almost all areas of Hunan that spring floods caused the river. The first flood occurred at the sharp bend in the vicinity of the city of Zhangzhou. Day after day, invaded bubbling water in urban areas, destroying and despoiling them. Total flood affected 600 towns situated on the banks of the river, including the walled city of Hunan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Detected cosmic disaster

cosmic disasterStar Hypernova explosion, which occurred about 3 million years ago, within our galaxy. This is the first in the world saw specialists Japan Aerospace Exploration Agenc, according to BBC News . Fix emission balances Hypernova could X-ray using a device that is installed on the Japanese module “Kibo” of the International Space Station.

Exploding star was in the constellation Cygnus the distance 5500 light years from Earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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A disaster that changed the world

world4 and a half billion years of our solar system has witnessed stupendous scale disasters, and they still violate the universal peace. A planet might face is covered with lava volcanoes, and even escape from the power of the sun.

No planet is insured against the terror solar system. If you think that the earth is safe, you are wrong, disasters shook the planet, and one devastating disaster could plunge them into oblivion.

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Alien Spy-pending disaster earth

AlienAlien experiment that says a lot for what he is about to end. Observers from other worlds, apparently, nothing to do but to follow current catastrophic Earth changes and wait for the fatal outcome.

UFOs have always been present on the planet, but the advent of nuclear weapons made them dramatically expanded. “Upstairs” realized that earthly humanity entered a very dangerous stage of its development.
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Planet and earth headed for disaster

Planet & EarthUSA scientists and NASA experts predict that the September 21, 2012 Planet Earth headed for disaster. “End of the World” and, more precisely, the global blackout will occur because of solar flares. Flash luminary usually lead to headaches in humans, as well as malfunctions of electronic systems. September 21, scientists predict, geomagnetic storms will shut down all power systems.

Back in 2008, scientists at the Academy of Sciences of the USA, along with the experts predicted a NASA Earth “doomsday” in the truest sense of the word. The disaster is scheduled for September 21, 2012 (according to other sources, on September 22).
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Last Secret of the Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl, disasterDuring the time that has elapsed since the Chernobyl disaster, appeared more than 110 versions of its causes. One of them – about “extrasensory effects of aliens on the brain duty shift” – seemed the most fantastic. But as it turned out, the intuition of the author as though he suggested that such a grand catastrophe could happen only because of intervention “gods”. However, where they are and how to intervene in this version was unclear.

The disaster was imminent

At the level of modern scientific knowledge now of the Chernobyl accident are summarized so. Unprofessional actions of the staff during the preparation and conduct electrical tests on the 4 th block Chernobyl, reflected in the systematic and gross violation of the Rules, led reactor uncontrollable state. Read the rest of this entry »

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