Killed the dinosaurs die out twice

dinosaurs dieThe mysterious disappearances of many species of animals at the border of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic have found an unexpected decision – in fact there were two mass extinctions.

Two groups of American scientists have found traces in the environmental record of two extinctions that occurred in the Cretaceous period, just one after another, with negligible in geologic time interval of 100,000 years. Double-extinction may explain why 65 million years ago on the planet disappeared at once three-quarters lived in her species.
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Maybe so that people will die in a hundred years

dieOver the next 100 years, people will die – because they can not cope with the problem of global warming. This was announced by “qualified scientist” and “erudite” Frank Fenner, a hand in the destruction of smallpox virus, in an interview to an Austrian printed editions.

According to The New Scientist, scientists agree that a “major impediment” to the food: growth of world population with “unbridled consumption” would lead to a sudden upsurge in demand, which can not be met due to climate change. However, experts differ in their assessment of the extent of the coming crisis, and few who speak of extinction, as it does Fenner.Tem Still, history knows examples of the destruction of even very large populations, says author of the article Debora MacKenzie, and if no action is taken, humanity is waiting for trouble – the only question is how large transfers InoPressa with reference to the New Scientis.