Geologists have found the plant indicating the diamonds

DiamondsAmerican geologist discovered plant, accurately indicates the presence of igneous rock  pipes under the soil impenetrable jungles of West Africa. Igneous rock  pipes – vertical geological body is formed in the breakout gases through the Earth’s crust, a sort of ancient volcanoes to destroy the underground part.

Up to 90 percent of the demand of the crust is in igneous rock  pipes. Residents of West Africa sifted river sediment in search of rare diamonds, got to the surface, but a systematic search of igneous rock  pipes in the dense jungle until it was impossible. Continue reading “Geologists have found the plant indicating the diamonds”

Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?

DiamondsGeology professor Dan Schulze  calls this extraordinary jewel of the remote region Guaniamo  Venezuela diamond Picasso, writes Mark Whitten

Glowing blue diamond with high resolution, which was formed billions of years ago, reminds him some pictures of Blue Period of Picasso. As Cubist masterpiece, his startling special and unusual properties are not amenable to a time secrets and offer new perspectives on life and the early history of the Earth. Continue reading “Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?”

Magic light diamonds

Diamond is a natural crystalline carbon (formed it in the earth strata in a large meteorite impact site under high pressure (instantaneous) and extreme temperature conditions). Ideally, diamonds, colorless and transparent, but there may be yellow, green, blue, blue, smoky-brown, pink and purple, milky-white, gray and black.
Diamond can be colored in black, yellow, brownish, bluish color, but for jewelry use most often colorless and transparent, or a diamond with a bluish tint. In the 20 century, the mineral diamond began actively synthesized, primarily for industrial purposes.
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Princess worthy of diamonds..

DiamondEach girl lives a little pathetic princess – loving, gentle, awaiting her only prince on a white horse with a gold harness … emphasize our unique elegance will exquisite ring or necklace with mystic crystals.I do not know about you, but but I like looking at unlike each other jewelry. Even if I do not want to buy anything, but walk past a jewelry store, I can not go to just enjoy the fabulous …Nowadays, a variety of trends in the jewelry art – gothic, classic, rock-style motifs of flowers, animals given the opportunity to choose exactly what you want!In recent years, begun to complement jewelry in different stones. Looks awesome, I’ll tell you. Since ancient times, the stone is an emerald green, embodied in nature. Pliny the Younger wrote of the stones in 1950 AD: “Naizeleneyshy from all samogozelenogo. Continue reading “Princess worthy of diamonds..”