Ten unsolved mysteries of the desert

unsolved mysteriesIt would seem that could be interesting in the vast desert. But in fact, it is the endless sands lie unsolved mysteries of the world. The dead city about which there is no mention in the history, monuments depicting ancient advanced knowledge anomalous artifacts – all these mysteries of the desert yet to be solved mankind.

*. Circles Fairies

Across the Namib desert scattered millions of evenly spaced circles. Their edges are lined with grass knee-high, but inside the circle did not grow, even if to pour the fertile soil. The mystery surrounding the origin of these circles has spawned many theories over the decades, but none have been proven. Scientists suggest that the circles could be the result of the work of termites, swimming in the sand ostriches and zebras, the growth of poisonous plants and mushrooms, or leakage of gas out of the ground. Continue reading “Ten unsolved mysteries of the desert”

A fresh look at labyrinth in the desert of Nazca

NazcaSome of the mysterious Nazca lines, which are geoglyphs, covering a broad swathe of territory of the Peruvian desert may have been a labyrinth in the distant past. In the new study indicates that it could build a spiritual purpose.

A fresh look at famous geoglyphs was published in the journal Antiquity. New data received as a result of radical-method to study ancient writing on the sand while walking expeditions. Continue reading “A fresh look at labyrinth in the desert of Nazca”

The teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine

Australian desertEighteen year old Briton lost during sports jogging. For three days, passed in heat waves, the teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine, to die from dehydration.

Sam Derry went for a run on Tuesday morning. The young man from Europe recently got a job mate on a farm near the Australian city of Long reach. Derry got lost while running in woodland. He came out of the thicket into the wilderness, and went in obviously the wrong direction.
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The desert of the Nambung pinnacles.

 pinnaclesThe “Pinnacles Desert” is situated about 250 kilometers from the city of Perth and still closer to the fishing town of Cervantes, a former Spanish colony that and just kept the name.

Despite the proximity to civilization, this peculiar desert stone monoliths went virtually unnoticed until late 1960 when it became part of the Nambung National Park.
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The desert of the stone in the U.S.

the stoneThe wave in the Arizona desert . the sandstone rock formation, is only part of an incredible landscape and more extensive modeling for thousands of years by wind. In particular, this area full of swirls and waves of stone called Coyote Buttes , and is a restricted area that can only get about 20 people a day after the permit process in the administrative area of a protected area ( Paria Canyon- Vermilion Cliff Wilderness ) in the state of Arizona.
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