Predictions of world events in December 2012

eventsBreakthrough of the dam and in the U.S. – in the eastern part of the country.
Breakthrough dam in Japan — the southern part of the country.Damaged vessel in the Sea of Japan — — Far East. European Russia — heavy precipitation, the Caucasus, showers, gathering debris European part of Russia to change the climate from cold to heat, but in winter it becomes a heat loss of heavy snow, all this will affect 4.3 time zone.

By 10 February – warm weather in Europe in Poland and Belarus, Ukraine – Moscow region. To 18 April – in the Volga-Ural Previous falling snow, drifts on the roads. 17iyulya C – heatwave in Europe, and it will last until the end of September, the hot wind will reach Russia, in the European part of Russia – will be hot. — July 22 with heavy showers will fall on Romania – Bulgaria-Turkey – South of Ukraine – Crimea – Caucasus, the greatest threat to mudflows from the mountains.
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