American scientist denies the fact of death

deathAmerican scientist who works at the University of North Carolina claims that the afterlife may well exist in the multiverse. And to prove his theory, he enlisted the help of quantum physics.

Disputes about death and the afterlife are maintained constantly. Typically, in such disputes on opposite sides cross swords science and religion. The first category insists no mystical component in the phenomenon of life and death, and the adherents of all religions of the world, of course, believe otherwise. Continue reading “American scientist denies the fact of death”

Watching the universe, astronomers closer death

Watching UniverseThe knowledge force at least as commonly believed. According to two American physicists, comprehensive knowledge can inadvertently start the process of destroying the universe. Scientific theory suggests that we may be approaching death of the universe, just studying it.

Lawrence Krauss of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and his colleague James Dent argue that because of the destruction of the universe astronomers has accelerated in the last two decades. Continue reading “Watching the universe, astronomers closer death”

Earth is in danger with death

EarthIn 2182, our planet may face asteroid. Zemle faces a new threat from space. Even if in 2029 the planet will avoid a collision with the asteroid Apophis, it can cut other space wanderer – 1999 RQ36, which in 2182 will approach our planet at extremely close range, said a NASA.

At the moment, most likely related to the potential threat of asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2182 and a year (when he comes closer to our world), said at the worldwide discussion on the Protection of the dangers of asteroids near Earth objects program manager at NASA Lindley Johnson.

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The End of the World will come after the death of Pope Francis

End of the WorldThe last pope will be the leader of the Vatican Francis. During his reign in heaven there is another sun, and then die Vatican and the world will end. Equally ominous prediction, ostensibly, was made famous by the French astrologer and prophet Nostradamus. However, the original document, which contains the prophecy is not available. A translation is very often contain errors and inaccuracies.

But there are now anonymous researchers who have found confirmation of prophecy. For example, they claim that the symbol of the second sun can be realized as early as this year. Continue reading “The End of the World will come after the death of Pope Francis”

The main causes of death for people in the modern world

death for peopleHypertension alcohol and tobacco – causes most smertey very large-scale study, which was conducted over five years, attended by 500 scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle.
Researchers asked to identify the main causes of mortality in the period from 1990 to 2010. Scientists have compiled two lists, which consisted of 100 points- disease, war, the incompetence of doctors, accidents, etc. The findings of researchers are: high blood pressure, alcohol and smoking – the main causes of ill health and the cause of death.
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How to soul departs after death

soulEvidence of survivors of clinical death and allegedly flew to the “other world.” They saw themselves on the side swept through some tunnel communicated with strange beings … near death experience – the name of this phenomenon.

But what did he show? This issue has recently once again excited progressive society after she met with a sensational statement by Professor Stuart Hameroff (Dr Stuart Hameroff) of the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, University of Arizona (Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona) and concurrently Director Center for the Study of consciousness at the same University (Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies).
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Bangladesh,Chittagong flyover collapse death toll 12

 flyover collapse death toll 14Chittagong, Nov 25 —Death toll reaches 14 as rescue teams until Sunday morning recovered more bodies from under the debris of three girders of the under-construction Bahaddarhat flyover, police said.

The girders collapsed on Saturday evening.
Over 50 others sustained varying degrees of injuries with the condition of many of them was stated critical.

Chandgaon Police Station Officer-in-Charge Babul Chandra Bhowmik on Sunday told “Two more bodies were recovered from the pond near the under-construction flyover in the early hours. Two had died on their way to hospital. We are confirmed about 11 deaths.”
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Garments factory fire death toll soars to 121 in savar, Bangladesh

Garments factory fire The death toll from a fire at a Bangladeshi factory soared to at least 121 as rescue workers recovered 112 bodies Sunday, the national fire chief told AFP.

“We’ve found 112 dead bodies this morning,” fire brigade director general Brigadier General Abu Nayeem Mohammad Shahidullah told AFP.

“We resumed our search this morning and found the bodies lying on different floors of the factory building,” he said.
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Scientists say life after death is real

life reviewConfirmed the theory that man has a soul and it does not die with heart failure.

One of the authors of the study is anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff – “The human soul is something more fundamental than an ordinary bunch of neurons …”, – he said. Scientists came to the conclusion that consciousness as such existed in the universe from its birth.
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Mad cars

Modern cars are becoming every year more and more sudonym. Softer turns the steering wheel, automatically illuminate the brake lights when braking ka6iny glass up and down with a light touch of a finger to the button. Appeared in the latest models, even the “brain” a computer, to help navigate the confusing maze of streets, and, if necessary, call for help repairers.

All this is done for the comfort of passengers. For many motorists the car was a real home, more loved than their own apartment. But these four-wheeled pets sometimes begin to behave very strangely, showing his temper and calling into danger the life of his master. Among the many accidents that occur on the roads every year greater and greater percentage are “strange” accidents. This oddity is expressed in different ways. Continue reading “Mad cars”