Dead Sea disappears, leaving thousands of sinkholes

Dead SeaDead Sea disappears, leaving thousands of sinkholes, which are gradually destroying the living environment and tourist coast. The Dead Sea is actually a lake, almost 10 times saltier oceans and is at the lowest portion of the Earth’s land. However, over the last few decades on the shoreline appear funnel. Today, there are over 3000 sinkholes in the Dead Sea, reports ABC News.

And the depth of some of these craters is equivalent to eight-story building. Gidon Bromberg, the Israeli director of Eco Peace in the Middle East, said that these creatures are a direct result of improper and irrational use of water resources in the region. Dead Sea robbed of 2 billion gallons of water each year due to water leakage from the main water source of the lake – the Jordan River. Continue reading “Dead Sea disappears, leaving thousands of sinkholes”

The second Dead Sea Black Sea may become dead

Black seaOn Earth began to form the second Dead Sea Black Sea may become dead. According to Crimean ecologists, water depth of 200 meters below the now almost dead. Organics, which fell into the sea for millions of years, displaces oxygen.

Back in the 90’s by six Black Sea countries signed a joint action plan for the protection of the sea. However, it has not been executed. As the environmentalist Azov-Black Sea Inspection Oleg Kuznetsov hydrosulfide layer, which in different parts of the Black Sea at a depth of 150-180 meters, accumulating there for centuries, and began to accumulate before human activity.
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The Dead Sea surprises

Dead, SeaThe Dead Sea is so called because of the salinity of its waters, which is incompatible with the life of fish, plants and marine animals. This salt lake is located at the junction of tectonic plates, where there are Asia and Africa. The sea is 400 meters below sea level, and a hot dry day due to evaporation of water levels can fall for another two or three centimeters. Once people have received the first satellite images of the Dead Sea, they noticed that from the height it looks very unusual. If one image combined image of the infrared, red and green spectral region, we get an unusually beautiful sight.
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