The sun is bordered by a mysterious dark substance

sun is bordered Recently scientists believed that the dark matter in the solar system do not. But an international team of scientists from the University of Zurich, based on the latest mathematical models that describe the balance of mass and energy in the galaxies, and concluded that the dark matter is in the immediate vicinity of the Earth and the Sun is located.

Mysterious dark matter, according to modern scholars, approximately 90% of the total mass of the universe. Approximately 5% of visible matter that makes up stars, planets, cosmic dust, etc. Approximately 3% of a substance consisting of neutrinos – the smallest particles of matter found at the present time.
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Scientists have counted the number of hits of mysterious matter in the ordinary human

dark, matterThe University of Michigan and the University of Stockholm, to quantify the interaction of the human body with dark matter. Article scientists are not accepted for publication, but its preprint available at web site. In the study, researchers examined the average person weighing 70 kilograms. Dark matter are considered consisting of a WIMP (WIMP) – weakly interacting massive particles. Results through the human body every second pass billions of dark matter particles, of which interact with the atoms of the body only a few. First, scientists have determined that most interactions occur between the WIMP and the oxygen atoms or hydrogen. When the energy of 60 GeV WIMPs are dozens of such collisions a year. At lower energies (scientists considered several plausible theories) the number of collisions can reach hundreds of thousands a year (about one collision every five minutes).
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Dark Star kills all life on Earth?

Dark, StarAmerican physicists Adrian Melot and Richard Bambi decided to reconstruct some parameters for a possible orbital nemesis – the hypothetical dark star orbiting the Sun. The purpose of Experts – to understand whether it affects the periodic extinction of species on Earth.

In XX century, some astronomers, studying the heavenly bodies of the main sequence, found that among them is dominated by binary stars. Scientists have therefore suggested that the Sun, as a typical star, must also apply to the components of the binary system. This is how the theory of the existence of Nemesis – hypothetical satellite of the sun, invisible from the Earth.
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