Terrible and dangerous lamprey

 lampreyIt is difficult to name the fish is disgusting creature, like a huge worm. Because of the ability to stick to solids, these animal pests called lamprey, which means licking stone. But if they attach themselves to rocks only! Some species of lampreys – real vampires.

Whether the fish, then there is no

Lamprey existed on earth even 360 million years ago and since then has remained almost unchanged. It is considered a distant ancestor of the current gnathostomatous vertebrates. Continue reading “Terrible and dangerous lamprey”

The Bermuda triangle is a dangerous anomaly

BermudaBermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous areas on the level of radiation to which scientists have ever faced. European researchers expect that they will be able to look into the strange radiation zone located a few hundred kilometers from the coast of Brazil.

To do this, they plan to send a satellite into space, which will be regularly fly over the South Atlantic anomaly and measure. This place is a point where the Van Allen radiation belts – rings of charged particles surrounding the Earth are closest to the surface of the planet. Continue reading “The Bermuda triangle is a dangerous anomaly”

Numbness of the fingers in the cold – a symptom of dangerous diseases

 symptom of dangerous diseasesSeemingly commonplace – in cold weather freezing hands and feet, numb fingers. However, few know that frequent numbness and redness at the extremities of the body in contact with the cold – it’s not a joke. This symptom may indicate a fairly serious and yet incurable disease.

First started talking about this illness in 1862, when a French physician and scientist Maurice Raynaud, whose name later was named disease, described it with all the symptoms.

About the features of the disease and methods of treatment experts have told us – surgeon medical center Adonis and Igor Valentin Shurinov. Continue reading “Numbness of the fingers in the cold – a symptom of dangerous diseases”

The world’s most dangerous road

dangerous wayA road three miles extended and three feet wide hanged more than 100 meters from the bottom of a gorge and allow macerate for the basics for a century. The result is a place that can only be described as frightening. Demolished, with the ground full of holes and missing long stretch, without any railing which protects a void that threatens to abduct who runs, elusive, under threat of falling rocks and an entry in which, there are literally that hung from the vacuum, the risk in this way fascinates the world.

Attracted by his vertigo, people around the world come to El Chorro, which is locked so unique journey. Several have fallen vacuum his death contributing to the legend of the world’s most dangerous road.
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By the Earth fly thousands of dangerous asteroids

dangerous, asteroidsAbout seven thousand space objects are threatening the security of the planet Earth. This conclusion was reached by scientists-astronomers.

According to them, the greatest threat to all living things is gektometrovye asteroids. Their experts have counted 86.9% of all potentially hazardous objects.

According to the Institute of Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences, gektometrovye asteroids are little more than six thousand One unit. This is 87,2% from general number of Earth-approaching objects. Of these, 964 are considered to be potentially dangerous, accounting for 86,9% of all potentially hazardous objects.
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TOP-10 most dangerous animals

Let’s start with the tenth place. He rightly took the poisonous frogs that live in Central and South America, Madagascar. On their backs are glands that produce toxins. Yad one – the only golden frogs inhabiting Madagascar, can kill ten people. One consolation – the frog produces toxins gradually and very slowly.
In ninth place is situated a wild Indian and African buffalo. This is a very dangerous animal, because it is afraid of neither man or other animals. Full-grown male reaches 2 m at the shoulder with a weight of 900 kg. Horn can curl up in a semicircle or widely dispersed in the side of the head, forming a gentle arc. Record length of horns – 195 cm He quickly feels extraneous and can attack first. Especially dangerous protecting buffalo calves.
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