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U.S.raises cyber war

Internet warRT-News to discuss the issues relating to cyber wars that seem ready for the new times, especially with the new viruses alleged government funded north america no among others.

all countries that are located in the U.S.list “Take steps to protect their systems of defense” and un-insured should not expect anything, “because the organization is controlled by the West and in turn by U.S. West.”

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Cyber warfare has become a real threat

Cyber, warfare The concept of cyber warfare was coined in the spring of 2007, after the information servers were attacked U.S. Department of Defense and the websites of the Estonian government. Some experts called the cyber “weapons of mass wrecking.
Security experts distinguish between three layers of cyberspace: physical (infrastructure, cables and routers), semantic (data) and syntactic (data transfer protocols). Jean-Loup Somali allocates an attack on the semantic layer (the theft, alteration or removal of information), attacks on the syntactic layer (data corruption by viruses and other interference) and the attack on the physical layer (to the real infrastructure and involve physical participation enemy).To date, the creation of viruses, Trojans, and blocking access are more simple and cheaper means than the use of guns and howitzers, while at the same time, information attack could cause real harm.
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