Rotational therapy as a cure for madness

madness therapyOne of the many controversial treatments, which was used in the early 19th century to suppress madness. The idea belongs to Erasmus Darwin, who at one time was known as a talented doctor.

At the beginning of his medical career, Erasmus, using the latest medical advances of the time, cured a young man who was considered doomed. This case provided him a successful career, and for fifty years Erasmus Darwin was one of the best doctors in Central England. Continue reading “Rotational therapy as a cure for madness”

Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity

FemaleScientists have created a drug of female infidelity. Treason – one of the first reasons for the separation of cohesive pairs. Need to deal with the problem comprehensively by preventing such a development. It is not always obvious why adultery, because scientists have developed a cure for treason. Today, however, only from the female …

Researchers from Italy have invented a medicine that can affect the sexual behavior of the fair sex and prevent trips to the left. This is done by correcting the hormonal levels in women. Continue reading “Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity”