The ancient Romans made a cup use nanotechnology

Romans cupRoman made 1600 years ago can be an example of nanotechnology, experts say. Mysterious Cup, made of diachronic glass, capable of changing color from green to red, depending on the lighting.

When creating a bowl, which is exhibited in the British Museum in London, were used technology that is now called nanotechnology – controlled manipulation of materials at atomic and molecular level.

These technologies, according to scientists, can be used in a variety of fields – from diagnosis to detect bombs at airports.

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The Sword and the Cup

SwordThe archetypes of the sword and the cup I would destroy a prejudice that permeates our knowledge and imposition of thought is to say that man throughout history has always saw himself and his environment in the same way.
The rationalist might object that the sense organs have always been the same, so that perception and how to position itself as the world has always been, broadly the same.
Unfortunately it did not took into consideration the fact that perception is based on conscience and that it therefore depends on the latter.
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