What happened to the ancient cultures of the Sahara?

SaharaSahara– the biggest and hottest desert in the world. It is almost completely devoid of life. However, only a few thousand years ago there flourished early human civilization. Only in the last decade, we have learned what became of them.

Rock Paintings of the Sahara

For a long time the main source of our information, there were examples of Paleolithic rock art, which reflects, apparently, all aspects of life in ancient Saharans. A common feature of paintings – round head, which suggests a similar cultural origins of all these nations. Over time, the walls of caves and rock shelters appear imaging tools Bronze Age, the riders on horses, clay pots. Continue reading “What happened to the ancient cultures of the Sahara?”

Landscapes of mountains

mountainsThe ancient cultures living in mountainous areas and narrow valleys. Terraces of rice, salt, corn farming, the method is repeated in different cultures and continents. We review the most notable examples and the incredible views that occur where the man is dedicated to carve mountains:-
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The cult of the dead in ancient cultures celebrated in autumn

ancient cultures The religious practice of honoring the dead is as old as mankind and the custom of celebrating a day of worship to the spirits of the ancestors is shared in many cultures around the world since ancient times coinciding with the ionic New Year in November.

The Egyptians believed in the duality of spirit, one of them began the journey to the afterlife and the second was wandering, so I had the urge to eat. The offerings were directed to this spirit that dwelt in the embalmed body where he could continue to exist. Plutarch (Greek historian) states that Osiris was locked in his box and put afloat “in the seventeenth day of Athyr, when the nights were getting longer and the days decreasing.” … In the Egyptian calendar and time of Plutarch, Athyr in fact if coincided with the months of October-November. ”
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