Scientists ponder the problem of the Crimean asteroid

 asteroidAn employee of the Crimean Observatory Gennady Borisov discovered asteroid 2013 TV135 – Preliminary calculations showed that the August 26, 2032 is a celestial body with a probability of 1 chance on 63 000 may collide with Earth. Now, scientists suggest their options to neutralize the potential threat. Scientists from the Lavochkin offered to send the asteroid probe ICA-electric propulsion Anapa – the device will update the asteroid’s orbit and properties.

The probe is equipped with electric propulsion marching, can maneuver, and after the study of one asteroid able to go to the new target. With this device you can perform accurate measurements of the asteroid’s trajectory and shot to the surface in the spectral bands to clarify the chemical composition and mass. Continue reading “Scientists ponder the problem of the Crimean asteroid”