Creating our own reality

own realityA physical attitude of “contraction”, which is manifested in your breath and muscle tone, along with a mental and emotional pattern derived from these experiences.
That fear attitude towards life has become naturalized and is involuntary and not depend on your feelings but became part of you. Most likely that in any situation that causes you fear, you will invariably react that way.
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Scientists close to creating simulated intelligence

intelligenceScientists have created a computer program that approximately passed the test for intelligence.  In other words, science is on the verge of creating simulated intelligence.

Plan developed by almost managed to pass the well-known Turing test, developed by British mathematician Alan Turing in 1950.  The essence of the test is that one or more people should ask questions to two secret interlocutors, and the answers should show which of them a car was, and who the person.  If the machine can not masquerade as a man assumes that it is reasonable.
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