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Experiments that could destroy the Earth

 the EarthTrinity test was part of the U.S. program Manhattan Project to develop nuclear weapons. This test, which took place July 16, 1945, was the world’s first explosion of an atomic device.

Initial development of a new era weapons bit delayed because of fears scientist Edward Teller, who took part in the project. He assumed that the detonation of plutonium charge of such power could lead to the initiation of self-sustaining chemical reactions involving nitrogen, which could theoretically lead to uncontrolled inflammation of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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200 years ago, Neptune could encounter with comet

Neptune , couldIn determining the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune by the Space Telescope “Herschel” astronomers noted an increased content of carbon monoxide in the stratosphere.

The latest data, voiced at the conference held in Miami the American Astronomical Society, suggests that in the recent past Neptune collided with a comet. According to a research subject Emmanuel Lellouche (Emmanuel Lellouch) from Paris Observatory, the results are consistent with its proposed back in 2005, a model of collision with an object the size of 2 km, which occurred about 200 years ago. These calculations were based on much less accurate measurements using ground-based telescope.
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