Rockwall TX constructed nature

Rockwall Rockwall – a town in Texas, famous for the annual chili contest, but we do not like to tell about it: most known Rockwall neighborhood with an ancient stone wall. Who would have thought? During the founding of the city in the middle of the XIX-th century in these places was found partially buried under the soil of the mysterious origin of the wall, which seems to be even guessed rooms and windows.

Further studies have shown that a mysterious wall was built 100,000 years ago and was part of a giant fortress mysterious unknown civilization. Continue reading “Rockwall TX constructed nature”

Bosnian pyramids the constructed nature

 Pyramids bosniaThe amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagik said about the incredible discovery – he found five huge pyramids in Bosnia. They resembled the famous Egyptian pyramids, but were much more. Prior to this it was thought that no pyramids in Europe, but the Bosnian pyramid were the biggest and oldest building of its kind in the world.

As such huge ancient monuments can remain hidden until XXI-st century? The fact that they were so old, that were covered with a thick layer of soil and vegetation that looked like ordinary mountains. Obviously, humanity has found the Ancient Temples … or just mountains. Continue reading “Bosnian pyramids the constructed nature”