Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers

 tablet computersA group of Turkish archaeologists engaged in excavations near the Bosphorus Strait and found incomprehensible wooden object age about 1,200 years. After careful study it, scientists have concluded that this wooden box is the equivalent of modern tablet PCs.

Discovery portal published an article about the amazing discovery of Turkish archaeologists, as well as a snapshot of the detected devices. Byzantine gadget, as it is jokingly dubbed journalists is both a notebook and a useful tool. Continue reading “Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers”

What will the computers in 100 years?

Future computercomputers are developing incredibly fast – to say nothing. Back in 1965, Gordon Moore noted that the number of transistors that can fit on a silicon chip doubles every year. These manic pace slowed down a bit – now doubling occurs approximately every two years. Awareness of the breakneck speed with which developing computer technology, leaked into the public consciousness.

Who has not heard the joke that if you buy a computer in the store, it will become obsolete by the time it will take you home? What will happen with computers in the future? Continue reading “What will the computers in 100 years?”