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Comet ISON was able to survive after a meeting with the Sun

 ISONComet century ISON survived a meeting with the Sun and continued on her way. At Thursday, November 28 the approaching comet observed several observatories, but see what happened with ISON, failed. Recent studies have shown that perhaps comet greatly reduced in size, but continued his flight and in the coming weeks in the northern hemisphere of Earth can see it with the naked eye. The American space agency NASA recorded stream of reflected sunlight, which can come from surviving ISON. Read the rest of this entry »

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The brightness of the comet ISON fell 50 times

ISONThe intensity of the comet ISON dropped 50 times, according to NASA. This can be seen from the images taken probe SOHO.

Earlier it was reported that the comet began to crumble due to the approach to the sun. According to American astronomers, the comet melts and leaves behind a trail of gas and dust that stretches for thousands of kilometers. It is possible that the comet nucleus has undergone a complete destruction. Read the rest of this entry »

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