Numbness of the fingers in the cold – a symptom of dangerous diseases

 symptom of dangerous diseasesSeemingly commonplace – in cold weather freezing hands and feet, numb fingers. However, few know that frequent numbness and redness at the extremities of the body in contact with the cold – it’s not a joke. This symptom may indicate a fairly serious and yet incurable disease.

First started talking about this illness in 1862, when a French physician and scientist Maurice Raynaud, whose name later was named disease, described it with all the symptoms.

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The most harsh winter weather in the last thousand years ..

harsh winter Wintry weather in this leap year will be a severe winter in the last thousand years. The main reason for this, according to scientists from around the world – an anomalous cooling of the Gulf Stream.

Citizens living in the European part of the country expects at least five days at a temperature of -25 … -30 degrees and three days with temperatures below -30. Thus, the decade of the very low warmth of our fellow citizens is guaranteed. Even more serious cold expected north of the European part of Russia, where, according to weather forecasts, cold below -30 linger for a long time.
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Abnormal heat and cold

Abnormal, heat , coldWeather on Earth is becoming more unpredictable. Blame whether this El Nino or secret military research, as alleged supporters of the conspiracy theories is unknown. But facts are facts.

Nearly 200 people died as a result of abnormally cold weather, established in several States of South America. Temperatures average dropped to minus-23 degrees.

From hypothermia only in the beginning of this week in Argentina, killing 16 people in Bolivia – 18, in Paraguay – 5, Brazil – 9, Peru – 112 and two in Chile and Uruguay Vesti reports.
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