In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age

 Roman eraA popular tourist destination in the English county of Der by shire, found the treasure that surprised archaeologists. The cave found 26 coins, which belong to two different cultures: three Roman coins dating from before ’43 n. e., that is, before the Roman invasion of Britain, and 20 gold and silver coins korieltauvov tribe. This is the first time that coins of these two cultures are together. 

The first treasure discovered by a local who is interested in mountaineering and went to the next campaign in the neighborhood, when he caught a heavy rain. Continue reading “In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age”

Tyumen found an ancient treasure coins with Arabic

Western Siberia has not previously encountered, experts say. Two kilograms of silver jewelry and coins were found during the practice of first-year students at the excavation near Tyumen, in the district of St. Andrew the lake. Among the artifacts – Arab coins X-XI centuries. According to the candidate of historical sciences Alexey Gordienko, head of the excavation, these coins are found in Western Siberia for the first time. Curiously, during excavations by archaeologists used an interactive map of the Urals Federal District.

The real miracle of Tyumen archaeologists waited at the depth of the ancient moat. In the copper cauldron, this in itself is an unprecedented historical value lay jewelry that belonged probably to one of the richest genera Mansi. Treasures dated 10-12 centuries.

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Mysterious of ancient coins

ancient coinsFive copper coins found in northern Australia may rewrite the history of this country. These coins are dated about 900 ties of the AD and according to scientists, come from Africa.

The history of Australia can be traced only to 1606, when the region had landed Danish researchers, and now scientists at the University of Indiana want to find out how copper coins thousands of years ago were on the other side of the Indian Ocean for six years before that date.

Lead researcher of the project, the Australian scientist Ian McIntosh, said that the coins were first discovered by a soldier Mauri Eisen berg in 1944. The military part of Eisen berg during the Second World War, was stationed at the Wessel Islands- a group of uninhabited islands off the northern coast of Australia– and he found the coins in the sand of the island. Continue reading “Mysterious of ancient coins”