How much can you drink cups of coffee without harm?

drink coffeeMortal dose of caffeine is the portion of 10 000 mg. Scientists from Canada have counted how many cups of coffee a day you can drink without risk to health. According to experts, a person can take up to 400 milligrams of caffeine, the middle two cups of coffee per day. When this injury is minimal.

If you drink a large cup of invigorating drink, it will contain three-quarters of the daily value of caffeine. Continue reading “How much can you drink cups of coffee without harm?”

Coffee makes people happier

CoffeeCoffee improves mood and helps to maintain a positive attitude. This was proved by an experiment with 66 elderly people, conducted by German scientists from the Ruhr University.

During the experiment the volunteers were divided into two groups. People in the first group every day for half an hour before the test was given a portion of caffeine equal to two cups of coffee, and their colleagues in the second group received placebo, as they did not know, thinking that drinking coffee. Continue reading “Coffee makes people happier”

Global warming could leave people without coffee

The temperature rise in the core coffee countries fell sharply crops. And then he crawled up the price. biggest shock test arabica, which accounts for about 75% of global consumption. Plantations of varieties occupy large areas. But the tree arabica very capricious: Give him the temperature from 18 to 21 degrees C. A little higher or lower, and the yield drops sharply. And the grain does not grow those. moodiness arabica and moisture. In the formation of buds trees should be dry and at flowering, on the contrary, the moisture. With the growth and maturation of the fruit generally requires rains and intense. Continue reading “Global warming could leave people without coffee”