In the U.S., noticed three strange hole in the clouds

 cloudsThree unusual form clouds were photographed IT specialist Wesley Tyler. Picture it was taken when he drove a car near one of the beaches in South Carolina on January 7. Photo three strange formations he put in the Internet.

At first I thought it was a cloud of a tornado, but the wind was not around. This was unusual. I’ve been here for many years, but nothing like not have to see, – says the author of the picture, according to National Geographic.

Clouds kidnap -Myth or truth?

 kidnap CloudsThe heavens increasingly appear strange clouds with unusual shapes. According to eyewitnesses, sometimes they have a reasonable behavior and even aggression towards people …

Scientists argue that this is just a freak of nature, and include such phenomena  UFOs. But while no one gives to this question is the exact answer … Continue reading “Clouds kidnap -Myth or truth?”

Clouds formed a hexagon on Saturn

SaturnPlanet Saturn has been startling scientists. At the South Pole is a mysterious Vortex, sometimes referred to as and the storm in the Northern clouds form a Hexagon, which do not decompose even during their rotation.

For the first time an unusual phenomenon noticed even the spacecraft Voyager 1, launched in 1977 to Saturn, and most recently, similar images transmitted to Earth interplanetary station.

Mystery of ventricular clouds

CloudsThe Americas there was a surprising phenomenon – unseen shapes and sizes of cloud casual observer looks like flying saucers.Nature sometimes one gives us so amazing phenomena that just amazing how such things are possible at all. It is right for a miracle. And now, looking at pictures of ventricular clouds over American capital, it is simply impossible to resist the insane delight.

Many people take it for raznomu. Kto, then looking for these “masterpieces” have delighted, and others – just a genuine horror.
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Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station

Mysterious “night shining” or noctilucent clouds are beautiful to look at, and this stunning image offers an unusual view of these clouds as seen by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. They are also called polar mesosphere clouds, these clouds have baffled scientists with recent dramatic changes. They used to be considered rare, but now the clouds are becoming brighter, are more often visible at lower latitudes and lower than ever, and sometimes they appear during the day. Astronauts may take a sequence of these clouds on June 5, 2012, as seen under. According to NASA is the first sequence of images taken from orbit phenomenon. The sequence in this video was taken while the ISS passed over western Asia. By focusing on the end of the earth at night with the sun illuminating it, the team was able to capture some of these mysterious clouds movements. Continue reading “Mysterious noctilucent clouds as seen from the International Space Station”