Appeared bloody cloud

Red CloudEerie natural phenomenon observed villagers Ananjevo Issyk-Kul region. About unusual cloud of blood-red color resident told Love Potapov. It was just sunset, the beginning of the ninth night, and although we usually clouds pass over the mountains, here is a cloud went directly to Ananjevo.

This was an amazing sight! Above the lake, the sky is clear over the mountains, and this red cloud tongue moves towards Karakol- said eyewitness. Continue reading “Appeared bloody cloud”

Incredible cloud “Fire Rainbow” appears on South Florida

The so-called “fire rainbow” nor fire nor rainbow, but it sure is impressive.

They are technically known as iridescent clouds , a relatively uncommon caused by clouds of water droplets of nearly uniform size, according to a NASA statement. These clouds diffracted, or bent, the light in a similar manner, which separates the light into different wavelengths or colors. Continue reading “Incredible cloud “Fire Rainbow” appears on South Florida”

A walk on the roof of a cloud forest in Costa Rica

MurchCosta Rica has numerous examples of cloud forests . Also known as cloud forests are subtropical mountain that much of the time are covered exactly fog, constant humidity generated by an ecosystem covered with moss and dense vegetation. Located at higher elevations, you can imagine, a kind of overview in tour scenery that is often more difficult. In Costa Rica, there are reserves such as Monteverde and Santa Elena, where we make things easier with a walk on the green roof over thousands of meters of walkways and suspension bridges.
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Fell from the sky a mysterious ball.

mysteriousThe north-eastern Brazil, in the state of Maranhao, fell from the sky a strange metal object spherical. As reported by Brazilian media, spherical object in diameter – a little more than a meter, weight – about 30 kg. The sensation occurred on February 22 this year in the village Riashu dos Rokos. Spherical object fell into the courtyard at dawn, villagers Jose. At first he heard the roar of the fittest, as if, to an explosion. When José ran into the courtyard, he saw this mysterious celestial body. Heavenly spherical object was made of a metal belonging to determine which have not yet obtained. Inside the celestial sphere – there is a hollow space, which is clearly a moving object: if a spherical body roll on the ground, then there is something moving. As a result of what happened: no one was injured, but the ball-shaped object was damaged part of the roof edge and a large tree that grew in the yard of Jose, leaving a funnel in the middle of the yard. Continue reading “Fell from the sky a mysterious ball.”

Predicted a clash of the sun with a cloud from a supernova

Predicted,clashA century or slightly more, our system will plunge into a very sparse, but very hot (millions of kelvins), the cloud remains of an old supernova. So says an international team of scientists from Poland and the United States, have issued an analysis of an enormous anomaly in the sky, opened last year.

Speech on the great-loop tape, belting the celestial sphere and the intensity of the emitted energetic neutral atoms (ENA). E e discovered satellite IBEX (details of discovery, historical data on the outskirts of the solar system and the structure of several of its external shells.
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