Asteroid flew close to the Earth.

asteroid Asteroid flew close to the Earth on Monday evening flew past Earth at a distance of about 57,000 kilometers, on Tuesday morning, the planet is waiting for another “guest” – Asteroid 2012 KT42 razminetsya with the Earth at a distance of 20,000 kilometers, which is lower than the orbits of geostationary satellites.

Asteroid 2012 was discovered by KP24 on May 23. The calculations showed that in 2012 KP24 refers to a family of asteroids Apollo, whose orbits intersect the orbit of the planet and the orbit of Mars. To this type belong to about two-thirds of known asteroids, near-Earth (NEA).
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A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin

20 meters wall A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin. The wall will add the number of attractions of the southern region of Russia and will become a place of pilgrimage for tourists.

Locals have long known about this phenomenon of stone, but only recently have shown its scientists. The wall as it blocks a mountain gorge, and is an array, 20 meters high and long – more than 50. In this huge chunks of very precisely adjusted to each other – the type of cyclopean masonry. It’s a way of building, where only the weight and keep the correct form of the entire structure without any binder solution.
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