Climate change will change beyond recognition the US

ClimateThe researchers described how global climate change will affect the United States in the next century. According to them, America will face serious natural disasters. On climate change scientist said Stanford University ecologist Robert Lempert and organization

The Nature Conservancy Christopher Zganyar. In the next hundred years will undergo dramatic changes flora and fauna of the United States, resulting in the country’s territory literally changed beyond recognition. Continue reading “Climate change will change beyond recognition the US”

Abrupt climate change

Abrupt climate Large-scale genetic analysis of the DNA of extinct animals showed that mammoths and other ice age megafauna representatives disappeared because of abrupt climate change, rather than the appearance of man.

A series of abrupt climate changes during the last 60 thousand years was the main reason for the disappearance of mammoths and other ice age megafauna representatives, as scientists tell deposits of ice in Greenland and the DNA of ancient animals, according to a paper published in science. Continue reading “Abrupt climate change”

Climate change may be the beginning of reversal of the Earth!

ClimateThe word climate is translated from the Greek word klima – the slope. More than 2,200 years ago, the term in the scientific revolution brought the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus. Climate general concept.

Astronomer wanted to show that it is the slope  of the Earth to the sun affects the physical and geographical changes on its surface. Called climate average atmospheric weather or mechanical varying terrain. Continue reading “Climate change may be the beginning of reversal of the Earth!”

By 2100-climate change will undermine the system of ocean


A large group of researchers from different countries made the feat, which, unfortunately, remain unnoticed by the general public. First described the whole chain of bio geochemical changes in the ocean caused by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases – the whole cascade of events that affect not only the habitat of marine organisms and the depths of the ocean, but also on people. Previous studies have focused primarily on the ocean warming and acidification and pretty underestimated the degree of biological and social impacts of climate change. Deep-sea corals (for example, this Anthomastus in the Pacific Ocean near the mouth of the river Uhryniv) will be able to survive in conditions of oxygen starvation. (Photo by UC San Diego.)

Continue reading “By 2100-climate change will undermine the system of ocean”

What will the future of our climate?

climateClimate models and the latest IPCC data depict four different developments in the field of demography, economy and ecology in the century. In the latest report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that by 2100 the Earth will heat up by 0.3 – 4,8 ° C compared to the end of the XX century. Why such a large range of values? It all depends on the choices we make now: where we take food and energy, how to build a house, what kind of cars to drive. Of course, the huge role played by the number of population. Our choice will affect as many as to what will happen to the planet. Will it be the same as it is now, or did the water will flood Florida and Bangladesh, and climate change will transform the fertile land in the arid and uninhabitable? sake of simplicity, climatologists agreed to model the future in accordance with the two extreme scenarios and the two lying the middle. Continue reading “What will the future of our climate?”

Climate change threatens Caribbean water

global warmingThe experts are sounding the alarm about the effects of climate change in parts of the Caribbean, which could exhaust the sources of drinking water in much of the region, already under intense pressure.

The rise in sea levels could contaminate drinking water supplies and changing weather patterns could reduce the amount of rainfall that reaches the dams in the coming decades, scientists and officials warned at a conference on the island of St. Luciathis week . Continue reading “Climate change threatens Caribbean water”