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Clash of Civilizations!

“Clash of Civilizations” – so the new project of Igor Prokopenko. Closed until now information from the secret archives will be available to all.

“Battle of civilizations” will show – NO MORE SECRETS

How many more will survive our planet?

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The clash of viruses and immune system

immune systemThe human genes in the history of “arms race” between viruses and the immune system. Anti-virus protection and virus proteins, being deceived, developed in the tracks. But the race in which the animals come out until the winners going on.

The arms race – an attribute not only human civilization. The confrontation of viral agents and the immune system of a living organism – an example of a far more inventive, much more ancient and infinite in its essence of the conflict.
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Predicted a clash of the sun with a cloud from a supernova

Predicted,clashA century or slightly more, our system will plunge into a very sparse, but very hot (millions of kelvins), the cloud remains of an old supernova. So says an international team of scientists from Poland and the United States, have issued an analysis of an enormous anomaly in the sky, opened last year.

Speech on the great-loop tape, belting the celestial sphere and the intensity of the emitted energetic neutral atoms (ENA). E e discovered satellite IBEX (details of discovery, historical data on the outskirts of the solar system and the structure of several of its external shells.
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