Civilization has come out of the ground?

There are many versions about the origin of humanity, in addition to the traditional Darwinian theory of the evolution of primates. A very popular theory that we are – the descendants of extraterrestrial aliens, alien hybrids and ancient Aboriginal or all artificially bred individuals of the same aliens. But there is another hypothesis underground… Crazy,… Read more Civilization has come out of the ground?

Where does the religion of the XXI century

The world was wrapped in a web of network, hovers in the virtual economy, leaving footprints on Mars, is the most basic of elementary particles, instantly knows him and is still searching for God. How is transformed in the XXI century religious consciousness, which, faced with scientific progress and social revolutions, lost weight, but still… Read more Where does the religion of the XXI century

The underwater civilization

The mysterious underwater inhabitant’s skeptics are unlikely to show strong evidence of the existence of the seas and oceans of the unknown civilization – you never know who dreamed that … But there is a much more serious fact from which it is difficult to dismiss. They relate to meetings with the mysterious underwater vehicles… Read more The underwater civilization

Natured nation

Dislike of one person to another – an old song. Isaac’s descendants – the Jews – still hate the descendants of his brother Ishmael – Arabs. The British and French are historically mutually love each other.  It would be unfair to forget that the Great Patriotic War was won by people, mostly belonging to the… Read more Natured nation

Indus civilization surprises

They lived in a well-planned cities, produced exquisite jewelry and enjoy the best in the ancient world of plumbing. But the people of India a highly advanced civilization that flourished four thousand years ago in what is now Pakistan and western India, remains highly mysterious. Unable to decipher the local script, archaeologists pore over beads,… Read more Indus civilization surprises