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Civilization has come out of the ground?

CivilizationThere are many versions about the origin of humanity, in addition to the traditional Darwinian theory of the evolution of primates. A very popular theory that we are – the descendants of extraterrestrial aliens, alien hybrids and ancient Aboriginal or all artificially bred individuals of the same aliens. But there is another hypothesis underground…

Crazy, Professor

The founder of this theory did not some UFO-fan, and eminent scientist, geologist, corresponding member of several academies Michael Buranchuk. This happened back in 1927. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forgotten civilization of Reptoids

HistoryLayers of sedimentary rocks and minerals, scientists and just random people find strange artifacts. For example, in 1979, near the village of Hivener in the strata of the coal age 320-260 million years astonished workers found a brick wall. In 1910, near Saint-Jean-de-Live in France, in the Cretaceous, some dating from 144-65 million years have been found metal pipes.  

In the summer of 1844 in the vicinity of the English town of Tweed Stone Age 360-320 million years removed elegant gold chain. Kind finds evidence in favor of the fact that long before the man on the planet inhabited by some other sentient beings.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Antarctica- the structure of civilization?

Antarctica CivilizationOn a number of these cards Sixth Continent shown partially ice-free, but on the other – completely free. When this card creators claim that when compiling guided more ancient samples. Define the contours hidden under the ice surface and the coastline of Antarctica was only in the mid-twentieth century with the help of special equipment. And what happened? Similarly depicted outlines the mainland and its relief medieval cartographers! According to scientists, partially ice-free Antarctica was about 6,000 years ago, and completely free – nearly 15,000 years ago.

Who engaged Geodesy and Cartography in those days, when the world, according to modern views, there was no civilized society? Read the rest of this entry »

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How many years mankind really?

 HumanityGeorge had a reputation as an outstanding historian Sintsell. He lived at the turn of VIII and IX centuries after Christ. Many years Sintsell preached in Palestine, was the personal secretary of the Patriarch of Constantinople Tarasy (784-806 gg.),

After whose death retired to a monastery, where he engaged in literary work. The most important work Sintsella considered Selected chronography. When it was created using the historian works of ancient authors such as Josephus, Manetho and the famous Babylonian priest Berossus, whose works can be found in many highly unusual. Read the rest of this entry »

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Decrypted message Extraterrestrial civilization

civilizationAmazing facts January was rich in UFO sightings. Fixed unidentified objects in the sky over Bremen, Okinawa and Syktyvkar. They came into the view of cameras near the ISS and even on Mars: soaring object photographed the rover Curiosity.

UFO researchers information Yuri Grigoryev and Anna Azhazha believe that any appearance of UFOs – is a kind of message that we have to decipher. And claim to have found that communication algorithm, which offer us aliens. Read the rest of this entry »

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When in fact there was a civilization?

civilizationWhen Stephen Mitenev, an archaeologist from the University of Reading (UK), and his team began excavations in the desert, they have almost no hope to find anything there. We thought it was just a garbage dump, – he says. But sometimes in a garbage heap can find something interesting.

When Mitenev told colleagues that he wants to look for parking the Stone Age in southern Jordan, many reacted skeptically to his idea: What we find there? Nothing like there could not be.  And were wrong – there Mitenev found ruins of prehistoric settlements. Read the rest of this entry »

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Where does the religion of the XXI century

the religion of the XXI centuryThe world was wrapped in a web of network, hovers in the virtual economy, leaving footprints on Mars, is the most basic of elementary particles, instantly knows him and is still searching for God. How is transformed in the XXI century religious consciousness, which, faced with scientific progress and social revolutions, lost weight, but still there? Today, the spiritual leaders find themselves in the midst of great political shifts, seizing the initiative from the secular activists. Theologians, armed concept, boldly win back his flock in decrepit post-modernism. Quasi-religious and artistic actions and their consequences are discussed in the world, suddenly getting into pop culture. Religion care modernity and this paradoxical reality for those whose world view is shaped by an advanced, for the most part atheistic agenda. Read the rest of this entry »

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The underwater civilization

civilizationThe mysterious underwater inhabitant’s skeptics are unlikely to show strong evidence of the existence of the seas and oceans of the unknown civilization – you never know who dreamed that … But there is a much more serious fact from which it is difficult to dismiss. They relate to meetings with the mysterious underwater vehicles of unknown origin.

In 1902, in the Gulf of Guinea, close to West Africa, the British ship “Fort Salisbury” to meet a mysterious object of enormous proportions. First noticed the watch out of the water two red lights, and picking up a pair of binoculars, a clear distinction large dark object up to 180 m in length, the ends of which were lit.

  Read the rest of this entry »

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Natured nation

NatureDislike of one person to another – an old song. Isaac’s descendants – the Jews – still hate the descendants of his brother Ishmael – Arabs. The British and French are historically mutually love each other. 

It would be unfair to forget that the Great Patriotic War was won by people, mostly belonging to the Orthodox tradition. Just do not rush to get rotten tomatoes at this phrase and accuse the author’s ideological speculation.

The concept of “the Orthodox tradition the party and sometimes fanatically renounced God, many Soviet soldiers kept the best features of the Christian mentality, such as the ratio of sacrifice and of neighbor as oneself. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indus civilization surprises

civilizationThey lived in a well-planned cities, produced exquisite jewelry and enjoy the best in the ancient world of plumbing. But the people of India a highly advanced civilization that flourished four thousand years ago in what is now Pakistan and western India, remains highly mysterious.

Unable to decipher the local script, archaeologists pore over beads, fragments of pottery and other artifacts. And lately – and even over human remains. Two new studies have revealed skeletons intriguing clues to the composition of the local population and the fact that the company Indus Valley Civilization was not as peaceful as it is sometimes portrayed. Read the rest of this entry »

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