Underwater city in Japan

Hiden CityIn 1987, divers found off the coast of Japan, a huge underwater city called Yonaguni. The city is a chaotic mix of pyramidal structure, stairs, walls, columns and even an audience at a depth of 25 meters under water.

Experts found that the age of the city – about 12 thousand years. In this place were sent numerous expedition, and a huge media interest focused on the discovery, because in case of corroboration of artificial origin city it could rewrite the history of human civilization. Continue reading “Underwater city in Japan”

Kingdom of the Heavenly City!

HeavenAstronomy stepped away in his studies of distant and near by stars and galaxies. Hundreds of professional, millions of fans every night sent to the starry sky their telescopes. The main telescope planet – NASA’s orbiting space telescope Hubble opens for astronomers unprecedented horizons of deep space. But, on a par with the great discoveries, Hubble and presents the maximum mysterious. In January 1995, a German astronomy magazine published a short memorandum that immediately responded to all of the scientific, religious, and popular publications planet Every publisher drew the attention of his readers to a completely different aspect of the message, but the essence is the same-in the universe discovered the Abode of God. Continue reading “Kingdom of the Heavenly City!”

The alien city under Japanese Sea

The coast of Japanese a mysterious ancient city in deep water. The city, which is described as enigmatic, has a pyramid in which some of the stone monoliths are engraved with some sort of strange symbols. Some research suggests that a race of giant aliens built the city long before the existence of humans. The pyramid is very small which makes it one of those smaller pyramids was created 100,000 years before the creation of the pyramids of Egypt.

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The history of the famous Sukhothai city

SukhothaiThailand is a wonderful historic city of Sukhothai. In XIII-XIV century, Sukhothai was the first capital of the Thai state. The city has a large number of monuments that show the development of Thai architecture. Ancient civilization, united local traditions and the external influence, and has created a unique and unique architectural style. Now he is known as “the Sukhothai style.” In 1961, the ruined city recognized monument in 1976 and took up its restoration in 1988, the official opening of a new historical monument. Continue reading “The history of the famous Sukhothai city”

The east of the city, which was built 6700 years ago

Older cityThis is about the oldest and largest structures of stone, preserved in Europe to date” – quoted by “Interfax” led the excavations of Professor Vasil Nikolov.
The ruins of the city were found on the shore of the Black Sea, 50 km from Varna.

In the Middle East have been the remains of ancient stone walls older than 3700 years. The find was located in the ancient city of David, on the territory of Jerusalem, Israel. As “Rosbalt” in the offices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Minister of Israel, strengthening is likely to have been built by ancient Canaanites.
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Alien city for the abducted earthlings

Alien city Alien city for the abducted earthlings few witnesses in a state of hypnosis in almost identical terms to describe how the aliens took them to a kind of alien city, more like a huge laboratory. This city reported a variety of people who are not familiar with each other and living in different countries. What it is: hallucinating, or repeating phenomenon requiring study?

The well-known psychotherapist James Point Dekrizu from Oklahoma in 2002, asked Teresa C, which tormented nightmares. Narrated her doctor has put under hypnosis as a shock. The patient recalled how she was abducted six months ago, some “high, pale people,” and brought to the planet, which they called Kleyghi.
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Legends of the “Bird City”

CityThe land of Buddha statues sticking out, covered with inscriptions and bas-reliefs and paintings are enormous stones with traces of processing mysterious ancient masters. One gets the feeling that a high hill on which stood a man, thoroughly composed of these things.
In our legends, a place called Borobudur – “Temple of multiple Buddhas” – said the servant. – No one believed that he actually exists.
Okay, back to this, as it is … in your “Bird City”, and later to send our soldiers, even digging up everything in search of gold, – he gave the military command, and began the descent to the foot of the hill.
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Mystical City

Mystical, CityThe City Kairouan is the oldest Muslim city in Tunisia. He is a holy city for every Muslims, along with Medina, Jerusalem and Mecca. Every year thousands of pilgrims come Kairouan to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet. Kairouan is located in the central part of Tunisia at the crossroads of trade routes. It was founded in VΙΙ century Arab leader of the House of Aghlabid. On the choice of the base of the city influenced the presence of nearby water source, which is thought to have been associated with the holy source of the Earth Earth in Mecca.
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In Egypt, found the ancient city

ancient, cityBritish archaeologists have unearthed the remains of the ancient Egyptian city – a few temples and tombs located along trails leading to the shrine is the sacred bull Apis.
Scientists have called this city “Egyptian Lourdes *”.
Probably lived there the priests and the workers who built the tombs of pharaohs – after all lay near the capital, Memphis.
The path to the temple on the north and the south side to the central altar, erected in honor of Apis.
Studies have shown that the altar was erected in the period between the VI and I cc. BC. A group of ten scientists led by 75-year-old Dr. Ian Mathewson and Dr Tony Leahy from Birmingham Institute of Archeology. Continue reading “In Egypt, found the ancient city”

Underground City HS

Underground, CityIn Poland and Germany still time legends about the mysterious underground fortifications, lost in the forests of the north-western Poland and is indicated on the maps Wehrmacht as “Camp of the earthworm.” This concreted and reinforced under the ground and the city remains to this day one of the terra incognita of XX century. “In the early 1960’s I, the military prosecutor, had a chance on urgent business to leave from Wroclaw in Wołów, Głogów, Green Guru and Mendzizhech in Kenshitsu, – says a retired colonel of justice Alexander Liskin. – That, lost in the folds of the terrain north-western Poland a small town, it seemed, was far from forgotten.
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