The relics of St. George was taken to the All Saints Church in Kiev

Saints ChurchThe power of the Christian St. George , first delivered to worship in the Ukraine , were transferred from the Kiev- Pechersk Lavra church in Kiev , All Saints . All Saints Church is being built on the territory of the Cathedral of Resurrection of the UOC MP . Today , on the eve of the liturgy around the temple was made a procession , headed by carrying casket with a particle of the right hand of St. George the Victorious. As explained by the Press Secretary for the UOC Arch priest George Konovalenko George highly esteemed both in Ukraine and in Russia he is considered the patron saint of Kyiv and is depicted on the emblem of Moscow. Continue reading “The relics of St. George was taken to the All Saints Church in Kiev”

The Christian tradition of the cult of the dead on “All Saints Day”

Saints DayThe religious practice for the dead in the Old Testament. 2 ° In the book of Maccabees is written: “He sent John Maccabee offer sacrifices for the dead, so they were free from their sins”
The early Christian Church used to record the brothers dead in the diptych, composed of two folding tables, shaped like a book with the names of the dead who had been praying. But from the beginning too early Christians celebrated the anniversary of the death of martyrs who became saints of martyrdom. During the persecutions of Diocletian the number of martyrs became so great that the Church, feeling that every martyr should be venerated,
“In the Western Church, Pope Boniface IV, between 609 and 610, consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all martyrs, giving an anniversary.
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The miracle of human talent. Alpine Church.

Alpine, ChurchThe period from 1659 to 1856 years in these places almost impassable Alps lived only hermits who fled the sake of it. to know God. At the same place, where it was one of the biggest and most significant caves in which monks were praying, some time the church was built. It is known that after the Civil War, this building has been altered under alpine hotel.

Today is a holy place is a place for retreat for tourists who want to be alone with God and yourself and do in the absolute silence of contemplation of the unique natural beauty, the beauty of that open with a bird’s eye ….
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Cretan miracle – the cave church.

cave, church.This remarkable example of the cave Orthodox church. This small but amazingly beautiful church located a cave a natural origin. Most caves Cave specifically in the rock or other solid ground rocks, in our case the space for the church created by nature, and a master with great professionalism built a wall and gave birth to a miracle.

It would be faster to start any journey, my soul thirsts for new unique beauty and scenery. Our planet is so vast.
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