Amazing Christmas traditions from around the world

January 6th part of Christian churches celebrate Christmas Eve, the main winter religious holiday. For this celebration, every nation has created its own traditions, sometimes very unusual and colorful. And our today’s review focuses on the ten most interesting Christmas rituals from around the world. In the old movie Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka… Read more Amazing Christmas traditions from around the world

The Nightmare Before Christmas

United States have fallen snow storms and 15 tornadoes, over some areas was freezing rain. As a result, more than 100,000 people were left without electricity, have killed and wounded. Emergency walked through the vast territory from Texas to Alabama, but they suffered most of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, reports the channel ABC.

Europe refuse to Christmas trees

First demonstrated the wonders of tolerance Belgium and Denmark. Expected “Christmas excitement” The authorities of Belgium and Denmark demonstrate wonders of tolerance to other cultures, citizens of non-Muslims are preparing to street protests. Administration of one of the cities located near Copenhagen, banned installed on the main square of a symbol of Christmas and New… Read more Europe refuse to Christmas trees

History of Christmas

St. Nicholas is traditionally considered in the West and in America, donor gifts. In 1804-th year in New York under the patronage of St. Nicholas was founded by a historical society. In 1809 Washington Irving published a satirical “History of New York City, where mocked by the Dutch past New York (many traditions, including St.… Read more History of Christmas