January 31 – Chinese doomsday

doomesIn China, a week can begin the financial crisis that hit the world economy. The situation is similar to the last week before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, but adjusted for the Chinese characteristics. Possible bankruptcy fund management wealth China Credit Trust Company unleash shadow banking system of China, and behind her – all the Chinese economy and the whole world.

In late January, the Asian event may occur which can be compared to the probable consequences to bankruptcy Lehman Brothers, which began with the 2008-2009 crisis. New crisis may also hit the entire global financial system. The Chinese economy will be in deep crisis, and later the same fate with Japan’s lost decade. Continue reading “January 31 – Chinese doomsday”

This mysterious and beautiful … Chinese ceramics

ceramicsThe American magazine  Archaeology the researchers found in a cave Syanzhen , in the Chinese province of Jiangxi , the fragments of the world’s oldest pottery. Pottery was found in a layer of the age of 20 thousand years. Thus , a finding contrary to the common hypothesis that the utensils appeared during the birth of agriculture , which is about 10 thousand years ago. For a more precise dating of archaeological fragments collected several samples of bones and charcoal from different backgrounds . Continue reading “This mysterious and beautiful … Chinese ceramics”

Chinese scientists have verified that flowers are save human brain

human brainFlowers as crocus, lavender, daffodils, snowdrops and crocus have a number of medicinal properties. Snowdrops contain glutamine, which causes dementia, Alzheimer’s disease of mild to moderate severity, including those struggling with chronic cerebral circulation, increasing the concentration of acetylcholine in the human body.

That acetylcholine is responsible for the transmission of messages coming from neurons in Alzheimer’s disease but its level drops. Galantamine is contained in the Narcissus, which may have anticancer properties.
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Chinese archaeologists have dug up 3.5 tons of ancient coins

Oldest coinsChina exposed about 3.5 tons of ancient coins in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China.

The ancient coins weighing about 3.5 million kilograms, were found in the city of Odors Holocene three pits dug by nearly a thousand years ago, after police uncovered three cases of theft – leads the agency words Lien Jilin, a researcher of the Institute of Regional cultural heritage and archaeology.
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Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific OceanHistorical say that the participants in the royally palace rather laughed at this extraordinary story.

They laughed and clapped their hands, saying to each other, they had never heard of a better history. Western scholars have seen in a long time; confirm that fact, progressive world view of the Chinese in ancient times, their ability to distinguish truth from fiction. Continue reading “Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?”

Chinese investment in ghost towns.

Chinese, investment ,ghost townsThe China is building large, well thought out ghost towns that are completely empty?
The city after city portray a huge complex consisting of office skyscrapers, government buildings, residential buildings, residential towers and houses, all connected by a network of empty roads, and some cities are located in the most inhospitable places in China.
Images of these ghost towns (after countless billions of dollars spent on design and construction) show that they have no one lives. Continue reading “Chinese investment in ghost towns.”