Ancient pterodactyl were found in China

pterodactylRemains of ancient pterodactyl were discovered by paleontologists in China. Age scientists discovered fossils of 163 million years. A new kind of got the name Kryptodrakon progenitor . Pterodactyl had a wingspan of 1.4 meters, according to National Geographic.

First Kryptodrakon paleontologists have found the remains in 2001 in north-west China, but then researchers wrongly identified, considering that before them theropod bones. Clarity has made a new discovery, made a few years later. Continue reading “Ancient pterodactyl were found in China”

Natural disasters in history-The Great Flood – 1931, China

FloodYear during the monsoon season in 1931 was unusually rapid. Torrential rains and tropical cyclones rampage in river basins. Dam weeks resisted heavy downpours and strong storms, but they eventually could not stand the load and collapsed in hundreds of places.

Were flooded about 333 000 hectares of land, at least 40 million people lost their House, were huge crop losses. Large areas of water did not descend from three to six months. Continue reading “Natural disasters in history-The Great Flood – 1931, China”

At the railway station in China killed 27 people

killed 27 peopleThe attack resulted in a group of men armed with knives, one of the largest railway stations in southwestern China killed 27 people, at least 109 were injured.

It is reported on the night of March 2, the agency Xinhua. According to police, the attack took place on March 1 at the railway station in the city of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province at about 21:00 local time (17:00 GMT). Continue reading “At the railway station in China killed 27 people”

China and Russia are preparing for war with the U.S

Russia and china warChina and  Russia  are preparing for war with the U.S. According to a new report by the Defense Ministry , the recent interception of Turkish bombers Russian reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea – is a direct response to the sudden withdrawal of U.S. Russian cooperation with NATO on missile defense, writes portal Before it’s news. Cancel Putin presidential decree in 2011 on the establishment of an intergovernmental panel in this field is considered in the report as a significant step in the consolidation of peace , the author notes . Continue reading “China and Russia are preparing for war with the U.S”

300 years old body was found in China

old bodyChina found the coffin , which remained incorrupt 300 years . Stumbled on an ancient burial construction workers digging 2- meter trench in the suburbs of Zhengzhou , Henan Province – is in east-central China. Came to the place , archaeologists uncovered three coffins that were here .

Two skeletons were lying , and the third – the imperishable body that looked as if the person had died a couple of days ago. Miracle … After the grave, as determined by the person 300 years. However, the body recovered from the tomb before our eyes began to change – for a few hours, the skin turned black .  Continue reading “300 years old body was found in China”

China sent ships to the coast of the PLA Navy Syria

Syria warDespite the fact that the political decision to send the ships appeared to have been taken a long time, we know about it is just now from unofficial sources. So the Chinese military blog that specializes in articles about military equipment the United States, Russia and China, said that several Chinese ships already close to the shores of Syria, citing its sources in the PLA.

The authors openly admit that the ships would not be in any way involved in a potential conflict, but only observe the actions of NATO and Russian ships. Continue reading “China sent ships to the coast of the PLA Navy Syria”

Huge lightning over China

 lightningThe journal Chinese Science Bulletin and its summary can be found in the edition of the Daily Mail.

Secure the discharge managed through the use of pre-defined camera with an infrared channel, the direction of which was corrected in real time by means of an international system of monitoring the electrical activity of WWLLN.
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China has discovered previously dinosaur eggs

dinosaur China in Zhejiang Province found masonry, consisting of nine unique eggs. The find was located in the ground under the silt, at the Cenomanian-Turonian stage of the Late Cretaceous.

Lost in sedimentary mudstone, conglomerate, sandstone and tuff masonry was made 98-91 million years ago, which was confirmed by the uranium-lead method of dating.
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The Chinese will find the aliens in the next 20 years

Space exploration has become a national priority in China. At the opening of the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Beijing, dean of the University of Hong Kong Professor Sun Kwok said that many of the living will witness the opening of extraterrestrial life.

Unexpected optimistic and certainly exciting to Chinese scientist present at the assembly. However, many scientists share this optimistic view and note that China may indeed be the leading astronomical power.
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China’s “bloody” river!

For unknown reasons, the water in the Yangtze River became blood red. Eerie sight first to see the inhabitants of the city of Chongqing. According to The Daily Mail, the local authorities have not been able to identify the causes of so many unusual phenomena.

And the townspeople not too scared and this phenomenon, many have begun to collect unusual water in the tank, as a souvenir. A fisherman and does continue to choose from a blood-red water catch. Apparently, the Chinese do not read the Bible, in which he wrote that before the apocalypse instead of water in the rivers will be flowing blood. Continue reading “China’s “bloody” river!”