What children believe about the miracles in reality

Babys worldThis week we’ll all be observation the clash of darkness and cold to heat and light-weight fantasy, fiction and magic – from Santa to niggard, from grandparent Time and Baby year to the 3 wise men. youngsters can hear tales of thunder, elves and magic rings, sitting ahead of old school fire, or watch them on original screens.

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In New Zealand, the mother of eight children died at age 30 from an overdose of Coca-Cola

DrinkPathologist put an end to the case of the death of a 30-year resident of New Zealand, Natasha Harris, formerly suspected of fatal poisoning Coca-Cola. Coroners have ruled that a woman really died of “overdose” carbonated beverage.

According to the doctors, the mother of eight children, died of a heart attack, which was caused by the fact that women daily intake of at least 10 liters of Coca-Cola, the max medical caffeine twice.
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Tutor in white plains NY – A Tutor In NY Can Help children to improve his productivity

Tutor A tutor… what do you understand a tutor. I think I did not need to tell you about a tutor as it is obvious to everyone that a Tutor is a professional who help the students to perform well in their academic education. If your child is not performing well in his studies then a tutor can be appointed for him. A tutor can polish the child by making him more energetic and smart. A tutor develops his interest in studies. A tutor is a person who assists the student at each and every stair of his academic life. It is not certain that every child has all good traits and would always perform well in his exams. Well, it is the hard work and his devotion that makes him extraordinary. Truly, every student is not born talented and brilliant but he could be proved a star and it is just possible when a tutor is hired and he provides every help and assistance to the student… Continue reading “Tutor in white plains NY – A Tutor In NY Can Help children to improve his productivity”

The Children Spirits

ChildEvery child will experience the world in a special way, and sometimes they show such amazing skills and ability that it is astonishing and the question – how can they know? When you see the light, to five years, sometimes older, children remain invisible connection with the astral world, they have the opportunity to see and hear what we do not see the adults.

Parents of babies are often faced with the fact that the baby may be interested to look at a specific location in the room, smiling there, talking. Older children who can already speak, points to an empty seat in the house and tell her parents that “over there uncle” or “aunt.” Of course, such behavior is disturbing children mothers and fathers, and they worry – everything is fine with their baby? But this happens to almost all children.
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Mysterious children of Vulpita

children of VulpitaLittle green men” the event that took place in England in the XII century, it could be the impetus for the creation of a series of fictional stories. Legends about the appearance of unusual, strange people are quite common among many nations, but this story has not yet been recognized by scientists nor a fairy tale or true story.
It happened in England, in the county of Suffolk in the village called Woolpit. The peasants who worked in the field, found in the old pit dug to trap wolves two small children – a boy and a girl, who would have looked perfectly normal, except for one “but”. Continue reading “Mysterious children of Vulpita”

What they want to teach children …

teach childrenNow a day children are reading a little, in fact. Still another plus of this is – they can not read these strange and not modern children’s books. According to the number of such samples are leading the Americans, who from an early age children tend to explain everything phenomenon. But in this set, and found several works.

Without exaggeration, the family idyll turns in the book The New Dad’s wife, whose name is Robert. On this marvelous edition knows that his main goal – to minimize potential trauma of children, if one of the parents came to same-sex marriage.
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