Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time

Changing the Earth's polesOnce cosmonaut VA Janibekov drew attention to the fact that the rotating nut in weightlessness makes the tumble at regular intervals. Researchers are interested in this phenomenon, believing that it will help shed on the mystery of one of the mysterious properties of our planet  the change of the magnetic poles.

However, in contrast to the nut in effect Dzhanibekova, change the polarity of the Earth an irregular event. Between the poles shifts can pass, and a thousand and several hundred thousand years.

In recent years, geologists are increasingly talking about the fact that the movement of the planet’s magnetic field has reached an incredibly high speed – about 64 km / year. But at the beginning of the last century the rate of migration of the pole is 15 km / year. Continue reading “Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time”