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Technology has changed the human physiology.

physiologyThey made us think differently, to feel, even to dream. They affect our memory, attention and sleep cycles. This is due to a phenomenon known in science as neuro plasticity – the brain’s ability to change habitual behavior based on new experiences.

Some experts believe that modern technology has a positive effect: organize our lives and relieve head to reflect on the more important things. Others argue that technology crippled our concentration, deprived us of the creative process and made impatient. Read the rest of this entry »

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A disaster that changed the world

world4 and a half billion years of our solar system has witnessed stupendous scale disasters, and they still violate the universal peace. A planet might face is covered with lava volcanoes, and even escape from the power of the sun.

No planet is insured against the terror solar system. If you think that the earth is safe, you are wrong, disasters shook the planet, and one devastating disaster could plunge them into oblivion.

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Wandering star changed the slope of the planet

StarPlanet Scientist always cared for one thing- why the Earth’s orbit is inclined at 7 degrees to the equator of the sun?. Now a new theory suggests that perhaps a wandering young star passed close to Earth and forced to change the tilt of the planet..

Constantine Bat gin of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, suggests that during the formation of the solar system, “stray” star influenced not only on Earth, but on all the other planets of the system, which is why the orbits of all the planets in our system are at an angle to the equator of the Sun..
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