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Earth is future Comet century

 ISONIn the coming days, the bare eye can observe important astronomical event of the century we quickly approaching bright and beautiful comet ISON (C/2012 S1), which is called comet century. November 28, the comet will be at a coldness of 1.1 million km from the Sun, that is 150 times closer to the luminary than the

Earth. Solar ISON attraction will accelerate to 380 kilometers per second, and the sun will warm the surface up to +2760 ° C. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apparatus studying Mars take a look at the comet of the century

MarsOver the next year, near the Red Planet will fly two comets. The news itself is neither good nor bad. But it has raised fears of scientists who fear that the particles of cosmic wanderers can damage satellites of Mars involved in surveillance for and study of its surface. Currently, the orbit of the Red Planet is three operating spacecraft-NASA Odyssey mission and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), as well as the European Mars Express. Also, two existing rover currently exploring Mars surface itself- it’s Curiosity and Opportunity. All of these spacecraft will be able to observe the comet ISON, which is closer to Mars this year, and behind her, and C/2013 A1 in 2014.

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The awful clandestine of the 20th century – a UFO crash Rouellskaya

UFOsThe majority enormous “dish”, the value of 100 feet in diameter was found in the State of New Mexico, north-east of the town Aztek. Several minor plates, seventy-three feet in diameter, found near a secret test site in Arizona. And very least, thirty-five feet in diameter, crashed in the valley of Paradise Valley, located in the same place in Arizona.

In the third, the negligible size of UFOs was found two dead pilots, humanoid, in the first and second – sixteen dead pilots. But whether there is reasonable – could only guess. As one of the soldiers-“It seems that people, as such, and not people.”
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Truth of the XXI Century

CENTURYThe second part of the book is devoted to spiritual and religious issues. From the standpoint of modern science deals with the reliability of the biblical stories, fighting the forces of Good and Evil, analyzes the causes of sacrifice and heresies, provides treatment goals coming into the world of Jesus Christ. The third part attempts to give a scientific explanation of some phenomena and mystical doctrines of Christianity.
The book is designed for a wide range of readers interested in the universe, science and religion.
Sergei Feodorovich Romanov, Russian Orthodox, was born in 1950 in Leningrad. After graduating from the physico-mathematical school he entered the Leningrad Electro technical Institute. Read the rest of this entry »

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28 countries was announced today, the threat of a tsunami

tsunami, centuryThe powerful earthquakes off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The threat of a tsunami, which was announced Wednesday after a series of powerful earthquakes in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, has been canceled for most countries around the Indian Ocean. At the same time, appropriate measures shall remain in force for Indonesia and a number of island states.
For several hours the inhabitants of coastal areas in India, Indonesia, Thailand and panic. On Phuket, the resort sounded sirens, people were evacuated from the hotel directly. About what happened in Sumatra (the island closest to the epicenter of the earthquake was located), there was not much detail. Foreign agencies and television channels dryly noted: death and destruction there. Read the rest of this entry »

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