The detection of cells in the remains of dinosaurs

DinosaursAmerican paleontologist Mary Schweitzer made an amazing discovery. Studying the microscope piece dinosaur bones, she noticed red blood cells. It seemed quite impossible-

The organic remains could not survive in the process of fossilization. But the test of the test said that the spherical formations were really red blood cells Tyrannosaurus rex died 67 million years ago.
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In India it is still raining red, “They are aliens living cells”!

“Red Rain”: it is said to represent, metaphorically, what cannot happen. Well, maybe we should revise our stereotypes, as in India showers colors more improbable i – ruby-including becoming a bit too frequent. The latter was recorded by the local news in the city of Kanur in the state of Kerala.

On the morning of June 28, according to reports, residents have witnessed quite disturbed to a shower of red rain. It was not the first time. A previous, similar phenomenon had occurred in the area in July of 2001, just hours after the alleged explosion in the sky, a meteor. Later, have been reported over 120 cases of unusual rainstorms to say the least, with drops of yellow, green, even black… Continue reading “In India it is still raining red, “They are aliens living cells”!”

Scientists have discovered how the AIDS virus deceives the immune cells

AIDSSpain and Germany have unraveled one of the key mechanisms of immunodeficiency virus in the human body, which will create new treatments for AIDS.
A team led by Javier Martinez-Picado (Javier Martinez-Picado) of the Centre for the Study of AIDS in Barcelona IrsiCaixa described in an article published in the journal PLoS Biology, a previously unknown mechanism of the virus HIV-1 in dendritic cells – a type of immune system cells of human .

These cells are located in the mucous membranes of man, the first meet the infection. They are laughing harmful cells, and then transmit the samples to other immune cells – T lymphocytes, which trigger a full-blown immune response.
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