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Yakut scientists have been unable to find a cell for cloning a mammoth

mammothCloning a mammoth in the near future can not be due to the fact that scientists have not yet found it necessary to live kletku.Ob this Wednesday in Yakutsk said authority on the mammoth fauna , a senior researcher at the Institute of Geology of Diamonds and Precious Metals Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogical Sciences Gennady Boeskorov . Assessing the progress of research mammoth Yuki , who was considered the most promising finding from the point of view of possible cloning scientist said: – For the organization of the scientific process initially need a living cell , in which the corpse of Yuki , unfortunately , no. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who comes first in the world – a virus or a cell?

VirusPennsylvania a new method for biological calculations that will help to determine what first arose on Earth – the cells or viruses? In order to answer this question biologists have traced the evolutionary path of proteins that make up cells and viruses.

We have just started the study with the help of the custom method. Confident that in the end it will be possible to explain what had emerged from what – the virus has evolved into a cell, or vice versa, – says project manager Randy Patterson. Read the rest of this entry »

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