Chinese family has ’54 lives in a cave

Cave familyCouples from Sichuan province in southwest China zheivet in the real cave already in ’54 and did not want to leave his house, despite the entreaties of the authorities. Chapter Liang family already 81 years old, and his wife Lee Sween – 77. 54 years ago, got married, they were so poor that they could not afford to buy their own homes, and then they found out – to live in a natural cave, it is no wonder folk proverb – With sweet heaven in a tent! Continue reading “Chinese family has ’54 lives in a cave”

Discovered the deepest cave

Old caveAmerican cave explorers claimed to have discovered the deepest cave in the world, reports New Scientist. It is a cave in the Mexican state of Oaxaca in the caves Cheve. Assumptions about the record based on the experiment carried out by researchers in 1990.Then the covers thrown into the water in the cave of seven kilograms of dye.

Over time, painted in green water got into the nearby river Santo Domingo, covered the distance of 2.5 km.  It is noted that the area of ​​the tunnels Cheve twice Manhattan and is about 175 square kilometers. Continue reading “Discovered the deepest cave”

Cave Lake Melissani

cave MilissaniOn the island of  Kefalonia greece, is a cave Milissani. In its center you can see the underground lake, striking in its beauty.

The antique Greeks believed that leave housing nymphs. In 1951, Giannis shepherd noticed an amazing body of water by accident. He found the figures of Pan, the patron of nature and the shepherds, in one of the caves. Nearby lay a disc of clay with the image of beautiful dancing girls. Continue reading “Cave Lake Melissani”

The mysterious cave Ervandun

CaveThere are mysterious places that have never visited any rays of sunlight or researchers. Set of phenomenal natural objects waiting to be discovered. As if created for this inquisitive nature of man to strive to conquer the new and expanding earned. One of the recent discoveries – a giant cave Ervandun in China. Offer to admire the first photos of her exciting depths.

Chinese cave system Ervandun so large that it has its own micro climate. The total area it occupies is equal to 51 square kilometers. The distance from the lowest to the highest point – about 250 meters. Continue reading “The mysterious cave Ervandun”

Cave of Swallows

CaveCave Swallows became celebrated thanks to the film by James Cameron called Sanctum. It is situated in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. The cave extends down into a cone at the entrance of its width is 49 to 62 meters, slowly expanding to 303 by 135 meters.

The depth of the cave is 333 to 376 meters. By quantity is one of the world’s largest caves, as well as one of the most deep in the world. It can be fully put New York skyscraper Chrysler Building. Continue reading “Cave of Swallows”

The most famous cave.


Cave – a natural cavity in the upper layer of the earth’s crust, which communicate

Nearly all adventure novels, there are caves, it is an essential attribute of such works. After all, there reigns a mysterious darkness, echoing and false echoes, and the light from the torches and lanterns are not able to fully overcome the darkness. In the caves before the robbers were hiding, they hid their treasures pirates took them through the underground passage that connects a remote location. Folk beliefs also endowed these places of all kinds of evil spirits – from ancient nymphs to Scandinavian trolls. Continue reading “The most famous cave.”

Massive Cave Discovered in Venezuela

Venezuela caveA grotto so bulky helicopters can fly into it has just been discovered down-reaching in the hills of a Meridional American brake the garden of eden. Actually, “Grotto of the Soul”—is so very extensive that two helicopters can comfortably fly into it and earth next to a elevated cataract.

It was found in the slopes of Aprada tepui in meridional Venezuela, one of the most not to be reached and unexplored regions of the universe. The circuit, known as the Venezuelan Guayana, is one of the most biologically opulent, geologically pristine and unspoiled faculties of the universe.
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Rocky Mountains found an amazing cave

amazing caveRocky Mountains in Canada discovered a new cave. Cavers called the new world of rumbling ice abyss.

Rocky Mountains in Canada discovered a new cave. Cavers called the new world of rumbling ice abyss because of the amazing acoustics in the cave. Falling over a stone produces a rather loud sound, striking the bottom of the 140-meter cave.
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Hunting scenes in the Bulgarian Magura cave

Magura caveThus failed to demonstrate how data from other studies can be used in the “genetic archaeology.” The size of the gap between the branches and the length of each branch on the family tree of Y-chromosome can be a lot to tell.

The closer the branches, the faster the population expanded and divided – most likely in different geographic areas. The longer the leg, the longer the groups were divided.
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Archeologists discovered cave movies

caveArchaeologists new discovered that prehistoric artists were able to express in rock art movement through the introduction of elements of the animation. The work of researchers published in the journal Antiquity.

The authors conducted a review of the rock art, known to date, and also published several specimens of previously unknown drawings of Chauvet Cave and La Baume Latron.

In 53 of 12 images of caves located in France, have been found elements of animation. The researchers divided them into three ways of movement.
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