Now you can learn how cats see the world

cats seeThe digital photos and computer technologies, each of us can now look at the world view of a cat. It’s an interesting experience, because such a seemingly familiar, sees the creature is not the case, as we are.

Nickolay Lamm in collaboration with veterinarians and ophthalmologists decided to demonstrate how the world sees the cat – the beloved person for a discussion on the Internet. Scientists know that the sight of cats greater than ours: cats can see in the range of about 200 degrees and -180 people. Continue reading “Now you can learn how cats see the world”

Cats is a live seismograph

seismographThe momentary whim of natural phenomenon – often powerful planetary processes occurring deep in the Earth. The impending disaster to warn people. But, in all probability, have to admit that very few warnings at this stage can be heard and understood by us.

People crowded seismically lively regions are likely to have been the first to call attention to the unusual behavior of some animals before an earthquake or volcanic eruption. At present, there are about 70 species of animals that have the ability to feel the impending earthquake, volcanic eruption, and therefore rightly called live seismographs.
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Cats have discovered gene spot

Biologists have found that the occurrence of mottled coloring cat is a mutation in the gene spot. Work published in the journal Science, and its contents resulting Science Now.

Merge lines in stains found in different species of the cat family. In the wild, however, this happens very rarely. Because of this, for example, cheetahs, bearing such coloring, once even contributed to a separate view. Continue reading “Cats have discovered gene spot”